środa, stycznia 26, 2011

zamulan presents 'Tribute to TAWS mix'

january 2011
techno, house, deep house, detroit, minimal, experimental, dubstep, dub, drone, ambient
STL, Hieroglyphic Being, Ursula Bogner, Cio D'or, Morphosis, Fred P., Morphosis, T++, Greena, Blawan, Convextion, Kenny Larkin, Headhunter, DJ Qu, Deathprod, Shackleton, D5, Horizontal Ground, Homewreckers

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  1. Hello.

    I would like to submit COLONY to you and your listeners.

    Colony is the name of a dubstep/ambient/drone sound project
    started in 2009.

    The link below will bring you to Colony official homepage, where you can
    download "MEET, MERGE, DISSOLVE", Colony's first and free-to-share album.

    Thank you very much for your attention.




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