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Cristian Vogel - Station 55 [2005, cd, novamute]

Released: 2005

Label: NovaMute

Genre: Electronic

Style: Techno, Experimental

Bitrate: VBR ~224kbps


1. Typewriter Of The Dead
2. The Time Lock
3. 1968. Holes
4. On The Line
5. Somewhere In The Waves, We Will Find You
6. Neon Underground
7. Turn On, Tune In, Drown Out.
8. Arctic Wolfman
9. Monkey Inc.
10. Lovelights

note: this release stands out in vogel's discography, underestimated between radical fans of hard&raw vogel's projects, full of catchy experimental ideas. arctic wolfman is in my personal charts on the top of 'druggy partymusic' category.

spend disturbing night on the pole.

turn on, tune in, drown out!

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  1. I've been looking for this for about one and a half years. Not because I was cheap but because I'd only heard two songs one which I loved...and one that I found totally unlistenable. Typewriter of the Dead was the favored one. Now I will see if the rest of the album follows that lead or drifts in the other direction, or something else entirely. Anyway, 'Thanks'!!!


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