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Guido - Anidea [2010, cd, punch drunk]

may 2010
lbl: Punch Drunk
#: DRUNK 16

1. Anidea
2. Orchestral Lab
3. Woke Up Early
4. Cat In The Window
5. Beautiful Complication featuring Aarya
6. Mad Sax
7. You Do It Right
8. Take Me Higher
9. Way U Make Me Feel feat Yolanda
10. Tango
11. Shades of Blue
12. Tantalized

note: "‘Anidea’ is the debut album from young Bristol based producer Guido, who alongside Joker and Gemmy, has trail blazed his way to the forefront of UK dance music. His two 12” releases, ‘Orchestral Lab’ and ‘Beautiful Complication’ on Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label in 2009, and recently completed remixes for Island Records and Tectonic Records, have garnered Guido extensive press coverage from specialist underground blogs to The Guardian broadsheet.
This album is the first to emerge from the trio, who have already made an indelible mark on UK underground music.

Guido cut his teeth in the embryonic mid-decade Bristol Grime scene, producing instrumental’s for MCs and vocalists culminating in his ‘Unleashed’ mixtape in 2006. His production style shares the ultra vivid colour, melody and rugged texture of golden era Davinche, Skepta and Ruff Squad’s Rapid but also the playfulness and pop sensibility of Timbaland or Neptunes without losing underground edge or appeal.

The album will be preceded by a digital single, ‘Way U Make Me Feel’ featuring a vocal from Yolanda who has recently been touring with Massive Attack and who also featured on Pinch’s recent ‘Get Up’ 12” on Tectonic." - extramusicnew.

silicon [7.0]

[fixed / 21 july 2012]

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