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Kris Wadsworth - Get Your Wadsworth [2008, vinyl, morris / audio]

14 may 2008
lbl: Morris / Audio
#: morris61
deep house, tech-house

A. Ripped Open  
B1. Det Sound  
B2. Sorta Down

note: "This is the first record released this year that has really put a smile on my face. With its blatant lack of pretension and no-nonsense honesty, 'Get Your Wadsworth' has the depth and the versatility to be a staple in thinking house/techno sets for a good while. 

'Ripped Open' sounds painful, and there's a wailing vocal sample to match, but put that down to the masochistic pleasure of jacking one's body until the joints have been dislocated because that's what this tune makes you want to do. This is an idiomatic dance track that is on one level incredibly familiar and yet it’s also refreshingly different.

On the B-side, 'DET Sound' is full of delicate touches, including a cheeky little sax riff meandering through a dream-like soundscape. 'Sorta Down' slows things down a touch and has a melancholic feel offset by jazz-funk phrasing of the deftest type. The sampled squeak is also a nice touch, sounding like over-zealous lovemaking on an old mattress. 

This is simply emotional and visceral music that has the power to remind you why you fell in love with house in the first place. " - Paul Corey, RA.



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