czwartek, października 14, 2010

processed from nowhere...

only EQ-ed.

Vainqueur - Ranges

ep, 12"
october 2010
lbl: Scion Versions
#: SV07
dub techno

A. Ranged - Expanded
B. Ranged - Theme

Portable - This Life Of Illusion

ep, 12"
september 2010
lbl: Perlon
#: PERL83
techno, tech-house, experimental, deep house

A. Life Magically Is
B. Find Me

Betke - The Road / Loose and Blowsy Plumage

ep, 12"
october 2009
lbl: Slices of Life
#: SOL 1
minimal, dub, tech-house

A. The Road
B. Loose And Blowsy Plumage

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