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podcast: Pinch @ Boiler Room #42

1 february 2011
download is available here.
dub, dubstep, uk garage

[00:00] Rhythm & Sound - No Partial [Rythm&Sound]
[02:52] Henry & Louis - Lions Dub [2Kings]
[09:19] Boddika - ?
[13:30] Photek - UFO (Addison Groove Remix)
[15:12] Pinch - Croydon House [Swamp 81]
[18:30] Pinch & Loefah - Broken [Tectonic]
[20:24] Goth-Trad - Air Breaker
[23:23] Addison Groove - This Is It [Tectonic]
[23:45] Mala & Sgt. Pokes - Answer Me
[27:52] Pinch - Elements [Swamp 81]
[31:28] Jack Sparrow - Dread [Tectonic]
[37:18] Illum Sphere - Dreamstealin [Tectonic]
[41:58] Distal - Angry Acid

There was a buzz in the air right from the off for this show, and Pinch got us all whipped up dropping dub after dub. Added with the fact the last track from this set was so nutty people with alergies were sharply on their phone to a GP, the whole thing became some kind of delicious sundae. Enjoy the flavours yo.
boilers' chicks

mindfucking, garage mix.

stream it here!

BR #42 Pinch from PLATFORM MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

via Buszkers.

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