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Rush Hour, once again: BNJMN - Plastic World [2011]

debut lp, 2 x 12"
march 2011
lbl: Rush Hour Recordings
experimental, techno, abstract, wonky, deep house, electro

1. Blocks 
2. Wheels In Motion 
3. Tunnel Flight 
4. Fire In The Hole 
5. Plastic World 
6. Traditions 
7. See Thru Stars 
8. Depressure 
9. Ocean Spray 
10. Miniature Steps 

note: interesująca wersja stetryczałego brzmienia lat 90's: syntezatorów leniwa słodycz, zabawa w cukierkowe low-fi, okiełznywana zabrudzonymi i rozciągniętymi w czasie, metalicznymi clapami i surowym drumkickiem. mieszanina 'zakadzonego' hh, paranoidalnego chip tune'u i podtrutego, opanowanego zeszłej nocy przez dziki rave - uk garażu, z dodatkiem zagęszczacza.

similiar to (made from): actress, newworldaquarium, space dimension controller, flylo (?), faltydl, ikonika.

Rush Hour, the Amsterdam-based label dealing in house and beyond from the likes of FaltyDL, Virgo, Cosmin TRG and Tom Trago, this week releases the debut album by BNJMN.
Hitherto little-known, this young British producer has a very mature and well-honed sound that reminds us of Detroit-inspired UK techno and pre-lapsarian electronica from the early 90s. Plastic World is his first major offering following a couple of low-key single releases, and arose out of demos he sent to Rush Hour over a period of time. The glistening, utopian arpeggios of ‘Blocks’ set the tone: this is meaty, melodic dance music which is naive in spirit but slick in execution.

'Plastic World' is a double disc entry to his adventurous simulation of early '90s UK electronica, rooted in Chicago's more searching, synthetic strains and ready for the more discerning modern jacker. (€12.99) (59,00 PLN)
boomkat (uk, £12.99)
phonica (uk, £ 11.99)

preview of 4 tracks available on soundcloud:
Arose by BNJMN


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