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fischerle - wzrost ep [2010, file, qunabu]

not released yet
lbl: Qunabu
#: [qnb012]
dub techno, ambient

1. . (hylik)
2.  - (psychik)
3. c (pneumatyk)
3. o (pleroma)

note: crystal clear polish techdub.

soon on Qunabu

czwartek, czerwca 17, 2010

Fred P. - On This Vibe [2010, vinyl, esperanza]

may 2010
lbl: Esperanza
#: LOVE063
deep house

A. On This Vibe (Original Raw Mix)
B. On This Vibe (P. Scott Sistrum Remix)

Fred Peterkin aka Black Jazz Consortium

note: "Listening to this sublime release from Fred P. as the sun sets after another glorious, blue-sky day, I’m reminded more of the Balearics than Brooklyn. While Fred is one of the linchpins of the resurgent New York house sound, On This Vibe — fittingly, on Esperanza, a Spanish label that has embraced deeper sounds after getting plink plonk minimal out of its system — goes back in time to classics like Sueno Latino’s eponymous hit or the “ambient house” of 808 State for inspiration. Based on a sensuous, chord sequence anchored to tight claps, Fred then proceeds to add plaintive piano keys and what sounds like a vocal sample from an old hardcore record and then repeats to fade. That this process lasts over ten minutes only serves to reinforce the associations with the dreamlike, liquid state that early, U.K. proto deep-house also strived for.

As I think of “Vibe,” I keep imagining how it would fit with other Ibiza classics — and there should be no hang ups about mentioning those two words in that sequence, no matter how corrupted the phrase has been by countless cash-in compilations or brainless reality programs — like Moodswing’s “State of Independence,” “Sueno Latino” and the superlative “Paper Moon” by 51 Days. Patrice Scott’s remix is more metallic and urban. The sensation of lapping waves and ice melting into mojitos as a warm Mediterranean sends the fireflies off course in the dusk that prevailed on the original is noticeably absent. But what Scott lacks in balminess he makes up for with intricate, snaking rhythms and a gloriously effective, building synth riff that offers as much warmth and sensuous release as the original version. Ibiza via Brooklyn back to mainland Spain and out to the rest of the world — who’d have thought the Balearic spirit would be so enduring?" - Little White Earbuds.

uskrzydlający rylis.

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[Phonica Records, £ 7.99]

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Shlohmo - Camping EP [2010, file, fof music]

10 june 2010
lbl: FoF Music
abstract hip-hop, ambient, dubstep

01. Naps
02. Birthday Beat
03. Tomato Smash
04. Sippy Cup
05. Post Atmosphere (Baths Remix)
06. Sppons (Shigeto Remix)
07. Teeth (Asura Remix)

note: "Better known to friends, family, and Friends of Friends, as the 20-year-old Henry Laufer, the SF-by-LA producer Shlohmo returns with Camping, a digi-EP celebrating the May 24th first-run vinyl release of this year’s Shlohmoshun Deluxe LP. Having already headlined LA’s premiere beat-based party, Low End Theory as well as being featured by XLR8R, the BBC (Mary Anne Hobbs), LA Times and more, Shlohmo is on the tip of the ear for those attuned to the spaced out beat scene led by Flying Lotus, Ras G, & Nosaj Thing, among others…
As far as titles go, Camping is particularly apropos; the outdoor and indoor collide as Shlohmo’s selection of found sounds rub up against the technology of 8-bit blap & subwoofer stress tests in three new tracks. Additional amenities include remixes from hotly tipped LA music maker Baths and fellow up-and-comer Asura (on the new LA label, Non Projects) as well as recent Ghostly International signing Shigeto. There’s also a rework from Shloh’ himself, flipping Shlohmoshun Deluxe opener “Tomato Squeeze” into “Tomato Smash.” Camping comes just as Shlohmo stakes out a brand new full-length and will surely tide those itching to hear what Mr. Laufer has in store for us in the near future!" - FoF Music.

stylistyczne koło artystowskiej fortuny zatrzymuje się w środku między poprzednimi epkami. wydaje się, że wystarczy jedynie zgrubna odpowiedź na automatycznie nasuwające się pytanie: 'co się stanie kiedy wymieszamy przepyszny low-fi ambient z jaskiniowym dubstepem?'. 
śpieszę z odpowiedzią bez zbędnej woalki: ano powstanie nieco zalękniona, a i wyjątkowo leniwa hybryda flying lotusa, blue daisy i rasa g, której części składowe stanowią; nieśmiało poszarpany rytm; momentami przypominające gitarowe riffy, zadziorne syntezatory wygrywające proste melodyjki; zabrudzone sample [modnie mówi się, że takowe sample są 'upalone'], powplatane wokale i przeszkadzajki. zabiegi proste acz skuteczne, bez zaskoków.
uwaga: całkowicie nietrafione remiksy.
[7.0] without remixes.


Giuseppe Ielasi - Tools [2010, cd, 12k]

15 june 2010
lbl: 12k
#: 12K2018
electronic, acoustic
electroacoustic, experimental, avant-garde, glitch, abstract, sampling

1. Cooking Pan
2. Rubber Band
3. Polystyrene Box
4. Metal Rod
5. Aluminium Foil
6. Paper Lamp

total time: 19:47

note: "Tools is the latest creation from Italian experimentalist Giuseppe Ielasi. While Ielasi’s work over the years as a guitarist and drone artist has become highly regarded…

his work on 2009’s Aix (12k1051) completely broke that mold, turned heads, and quickly became one of his most critically acclaimed releases. The fractured, almost jazz-like rhythms pieced together from sampled fragments that graced Aix has been taken one step further in concept with Tools.

Created as singular studies into the physicality of everyday objects, each track on Tools, named for the object from which it was made (“Cooking Pan,” “Rubber Band,” “Paper Lamp”), is a wonderfully playful trip into new ways of listening and experiencing our everyday.

With a title such as Tools, Ielasi has set no preconceptions or metaphors with his music except for the idea to make an experimental (and somewhat ironic) play on the traditional “DJ-tools” type of record that contains buiding blocks to allow a DJ to layer and combine with other records. In Ielasi’s case, however, the twist is in the fact that these tracks, despite being simple and stark, are complex,captivating structures and explorations of physical objects, composed in a way that is becoming signature Ielasi, that becomes perfect experimental music for hazy summertime listening. – 12k"

elektroakustycznej zabawy ciąg dalszy, szkoda tylko, że to co dobre szybko się kończy.

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[Boomkat, £6.99]

Taylor Deupree - Shoals [2010, cd, 12k]

15 june 2010
lbl: 12k
#: 12K1060

1. Shoals
2. Rusted Oak
3. A Fading Found
4. Falls Touching Grasses

note: okładka mówi właściwie wszystko, godzina [zastanawiam się czemu te 4 tracki mają razem 45 minut :>] naprawdę uroczego, medytacyjnego czilu nad bagnami. żadnych irytujących sprzężeń, nagłych zwrotów akcji czy skoków dynamiki - wypoczynek totalny.

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Roof Light - Kirkwood Gaps [2010, file, highpoint lowlife]

14 june 2010
lbl: Highpoint Lowlife
#: HPLL052
downtempo, idm, dubstep, hip-hop

1. Marrying Maidens Fair Of Willow
2. Kite Tails And Redwings
3. Daytrips And Starlight
4. Drawing Near To The Printed
5. Outline To Cross
6. Hold It Back
7. Losing My Mind
8. Taro
9. Late Into The Evening

note: młody brytyjski producent proponuje odskocznię od podkręconych, spitchowanych garage'owych produkcji. 
scenka rodzajowa: na stabilnej, nasłonecznionej, rytmicznej platformie jak gdyby beztrosko wachlują się dupy wytwarzając efekt low-fidelity. brązowe krągłości, miażdżący myślotok połączony z nieumiejętnością czerpania przyjemności z odpoczynku i urocza chmura feromonów nad spoconymi ciałami - po dłuższej obserwacji staje się jasnym, że o błogim relaksie mowy nie ma, przecie to pracoholiczki, prawdziwe uosobienie chaosu. ekhm...
Wyekstrahowany niepokój z BoC, zaznajomiona z zapisem nutowym Ikonika, Onra z ptaszkami na ramionach, beczkowerble Buriala i skradziony kosmos Actressa - niezły bigos, świetna produkcja. 'Taro' zamknie usta każdemu niedowiarkowi.

Scuba - Eclipse [2010, vinyl, abucs]

may 2010
lbl: Abucs
#: ABUCS007

A. Eclipse
B. Tense (Ramadanman Remix)

note: nieźle, ale wiecznie na tych samych samplach. poza tym, cholera, muzyczne deja vu pierwszego stopnia, może ktoś już wcześniej do miksa wrzucał, nie wiem. remiks ramadanmana spodoba się nie do końca pozamykanym, ale pogrążonym w depresji rastamanom.

[ograniczam self-uploady, za dużo zgłoszeń do usunięcia, za słabe łącze, pozdrawiam]
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[Piccadilly Records, £ 5.99]

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Roof Light - Harlem Power EP [2010, file, prolific recordings]

7 june 2010
lbl: Prolific Recordings
#: PROPH120
dubstep, uk garage

1. Harlem Power 
2. Two Cities (dub)
3. Touch Down
4. Gunfighter In Negative

note: "Released on MJ Cole's Prolific label, London producer Roof Light really excels on this EP, and shows a love and mastery of a variety of different sounds, styles and skills. The MJ Cole connection shines through on the title track, with a multicoloured palette of funky sounds and samples all mixed together perfectly to create a fresh and soulful garage stepper. But while "Harlem Power" is bright and summery, "Two Cities" is an intense, Burial-esque moodscape, while "Touch Down" is a real event - the beat slowly subsides, leaving a sea of gorgeous reversed pads, only to slowly build itself up again in a variety of ways. An unexpected, random, yet riveting and affecting EP from start to finish." - Juno.

troche zagubiony, stylistycznie rozszczepiony popisuje sie umiejetnosciami samplingu.

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Reference - Aeonian EP [2010, vinyl, planet e]

may 2010
lbl: Planet E
#: PLE65320-1
deep house, dub techno

A. Best Day In Detroit
B. Best Night In Detroit

Brian Kage & Luke Hess

note: "The Detroit duo known as Reference focus on the soul of electronic music. Luke Hess is a name synonymous with a new wave of Detroit techno producers, but his roots go deeper than that. His continued dedication to musicianship and his natural talent as a DJ have allowed him to release music on some of the most respected labels in the genre, and play some of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Brian Kage is the founder of the record label Beretta Music. Along with a countless number of successful releases, Brian’s experience as a producer, DJ, and label head has helped catapult the careers of some of today’s brightest and best artists in the dance music community. As Reference they bring us this tasty twelve on Planet E. "The Best Day In Detroit" is a slow building techno track done in that lush, super-crisp style that Planet E love to snap up so much. Careful detail to a dynamic arrangement makes for a superb trip through emotions and dancefloor energy. "The Best Night In Detroit" carries on with the former left off and goes much darker and more cavernous with its sounds. Snares rattle around the mix as enveloping pads submerge us in underwater ecstasy. Ultra detailed, heavily pressed deep techno musica! Perfect for late night club use and a favoured sound by everyone from Laurent Garnier to Derrick May through to Henrik Schwarz and Ame. "

bardzo zgrabna hybryda deep house i dub techno z syntezatorami w stylu detroit. glowa w chmurach i stygnace plaze.

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[Intestellar Sounds, £7.95]

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Ital Tek - Midnight Colour [2010, cd, planet mu]

7 june 2010
lbl: Planet Mu
#: ZIQ272

1 Neon Arc
2 Talis
3 Moonbow
4 Babel
5 Satellite
6 Subgiant
7 Black And White
8 Strangelove V.I.P.
9 Moment In Blue
10 Heliopause 
11 Midnight Colour
12 Infinite
13 Restless Tundra

producer: Alan Myson
note: "Known to his friends as Alan Myson, Ital Tek has been pumping out moody post-dubstep tunes since 2006, and first made a splash two years ago with this debut album Cyclical, also released on Planet Mu. Midnight Colour is a bit less brooding than that release, but continues on the IDM-inspired dubstep tip, echoes of garage, scattered 4/4 rhythms and a tempo that stays down around 130 BPM. The album will be followed by an EP, Moment in Blue, featuring remixes by Ikonika and Falty DL, plus two tracks by Ital Tek that don't appear on the album: "Crush Horizon" and "Infinity."" - RA News.

czasem na granicy kiczu, z kolei innym razem przyjemnie czaszę struga. acz nie daję gwarancji, że odpornych posmyra.

amplitudes of mind
[fixed / 15 june 2010]
& buy it on the official site. [£9.99]

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Ninca Leece - Feed Me Rainbows [2010, vinyl, thesongsays]

may 2010
lbl: thesongsays
#: SONG03
minimal techno, tech-house

A. Feed Me Rainbows
B. Feed Me Rainbows (Public Lover Remix)

note: "In a music scene where party is king, love songs are often few and far between. Ninca Leece's Feed Me Rainbows, the third issue on Bruno Pronsato's thesongsays imprint, offers nothing less than a love song, and story, in two parts. Appropriately, Leece's original is accompanied by a remix from Public Lover, a new collaboration with her beau Bruno.

Despite the poetic lyrics, the release abandons the pop sensibility of Leece's recent album, There Is No One Else When I Lay Down and Dream, in favor of a far dreamier presentation. Bright, breathy vocals about smiles and childhood still play a central role, but her seductively whispered "feed me rainbows" is presented as a part of something greater here. The opening moments call to mind the emotive reverb of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, and the track accelerates with the warble of something akin to Snoopy's jaw harp, a chirp that leads you by the hand into the belly of the track's psychedelia. A beautiful bassline plays in the background while an echoing Rhodes-y loop spins round and round. Unkempt claps join snappy snares leading to the exit, where gorgeous chords emerge like an oncoming dawn.

The Public Lover rendition is hazier and more mischievous than its feminine counterpoint. Here we find the discordant lilt familiar to fans of Pronsato's other projects—Leece's soft French accent is distorted, as if the memory represented here was recorded onto tape that had begun to erode. Sultry shaker sounds roll into ambient moments of doubt, and a careful listen can make your flesh begin to bristle. But the uncomfortable tension orchestrated in these bars is broken by a welcome belt from the pair—"the world is our concierge"—as the song unfolds again into measured bliss.

The only confusing moment comes with the onset of a foreground conversation from the cutting room; though it's intriguing to hear a bit about the recording methods behind this enchanting aural story, here the talking interrupts the trance—only for a moment. Before long, the playful Rhodes have returned to drive this pony home. The end result is a perfect glow to accompany the final melting away of winter." - Sarah Joy Murray, RA.


Shetland - Excess [2010, vinyl, apnea]

10 february 2010
lbl: Apnea
#: APNEA028
dub techno

A1. Nothing Succeds Like Excess
A2. Moderation Is Fatal
B1. Beat Pharmacy's Restrained Excess
B2. Brendon's Moeller Moderately Excessive Dub

Ramadanman & Brendon Moeller

note: "Exploring the quicksand areas around minimal house and techno, Ramadanman and Brendon Moeller meet minds on the 'Excess' EP for Apnea. Most noticably it's would seem that Ramadanman has altered his style the most for this project, dipping the bpms down into mid-paced house and techno grooves with some subbass embellishment and delicately fluttering dub vibes. 'Nothing Succeeds Like Excess' is the mantra for the lush opener, rolling with sweetened Detroit harmonics and spherical bass rubs while the slightly drier pitch of 'Moderation Is Fatal' revolves about offset snares and deep house arrangements. Brendon Moeller follows these with two typically opulent motions, dispersing layers of dub pressure with is deft touch." - Boomkat.


yt preview:

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