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Chihei Hatakeyama - A Long Journey [2010, cd, home normal]

25 january 2010
lbl: Home Normal
#: home n011
beryl [7.8]

1. Morning Arrive On The Island
2. Waves
3. Confession
4. The Moon Reflecting On The Surface Of The Ocean
5. Within New Trees
6. A Quiet Pond
7. The Distant Sound Of A Bustle
8. Calm
9. White Light
10. Haze From The River
11. The Dance Of The Sea

note: Home Normal.


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Shaun Reeves, Guti, Pupkulies & Rebecca - Hold Me Tight [2010, file, wolf + lamb music]

22 march 2010
lbl: Wolf + Lamb Music
#: WLM09
deep house
beryl [7.8]

1.   Pupkulies & Rebekah – Hold Me Tight (Shaun Reeves & Guti Remix)
2.   Shaun Reeves & Guti – Saudade

note: "The visionary project on everyone’s lips, Wolf + Lamb, unveil a new collaboration from Shaun Reeves & Guti with the heartwarming ‘Hold Me Tight’ EP. Bookmarked by the summer landscape of Berlin and inspired by good memories of their recent introduction, these two sincere and momentous creations were conceived in a new collaboration between Shaun Reeves and Guti. “Guti and I met in Miami last March and decided that we get along really well,” explained Shaun Reeves. In fact Guti tattooed both Shaun’s and Seth Troxler’s names on his arms at that rst meeting, perhaps an early indicator of comradery and shared spirit. “We got together again in Berlin not too long after that and that’s when we made the Hold Me Tight remix.” Originally penned for a defunct German label, the remix of Popkullies & Rebekahbecame a dance oor bomb for Gadi & Zev AKA Wolf & Lamb, who picked it up as soon as they could for release on the New York based imprint. A playful remix - as much for its snappy bass and sharp snares as for the integral hums and contented vocal – it sets free a upbeat and vivacious style from these two producers. Contrastingly ‘Saudade’ takes a more sombre route, with Guti playing lively staccato and solo jazz- infused piano to create a warm melodic ensemble. Shaun Reeves is one of the new Detroit ma a rising from the techno birthplace alongside Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson (both his roommates in Berlin) and Lee Curtiss, whose talent and shared party spirit came to the attention of the masses in 2009. Part of the core Wolf + Lamb family, Shaun demonstrates a awless passion for exploring the boundaries of electronic music. Guti began to discover his musical passion as a jazz pianist, before becoming a rock star in his home of Argentina when a young, wild and free spirit. With signi cant releases laid down on Locodice’s Desolat label and forthcoming on a series of proli c imprints, he has become a key Latin-American talent worth paying attention to." - phonomonkey.


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Prime Time - Jeudi Noir EP [2010, vinyl, sharivari records]

lbl: Sharivari Records
#: SHV001
electronic, jazz
deep house, future jazz
corundum [9.0]

A. Vers la
B1. Jeudi Noir
B2. Vers La (Art Bleek Street Demeanor Remix)

note: "French based label, Sharivari Records is a new vinyl and digital imprint run by Olivier Mutschler, focusing on a large variety of electronic music, from minimal techno to soulfull house, broken beat or Detroit influenced deep techno.

The first release is coming from Jeremy Carrasco and Johan Speissegger, aka Prime Time, parisian duo who has recently collaborated with Oxia on Goodlife Records.
On the A side, "Vers là" is an inspired patchwork of minimal sounds and jazz skills, starting with some blue and moody piano keys, quickly looped to create a groovy and percussive deep techno track. B side includes "Jeudi Noir", a dark and long build-up intensified by a haunting saxophon and strong percussions, and, at last but not least, "Vers là" remixed by Arthur Pochon, aka Art Bleek, well known for his works on Rush Hour, Loungin'Recordings, Resopal or Connaisseur. Mr. Bleek gives us here a funky and deep re-interpretation of the original track, with dynamic strings that could come directly from the motor city.

300 limited coloured vinyl copies, be quick !" - distribution.


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Motorcitysoul Feat. Ernesto - Deliver Me Remixed [2010, vinyl, simple records]

february 2010
lbl: Simple Records
#: simple 1046
deep house, tech-house
topaz [8.0]

A. Deliver Me (Prosumer Reprise)
B. Deliver Me (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)

+ Original & acoustic versions

note: "Following previous releases on Will Saul's Aus and Simple imprints, Motorcitysoul give up the deep house opulence of 'Deliver Me' backed with remixes from Prosumer and Kruse & Nuernberg. It's the Panorama Bar resident's mix that tops the pile, giving 'Deliver Me' a raw and spacey vibe while resetting the rhythm to a supple perky shuffle in classic Prosumer style. This one's for the singalong crew! Kruse & Neurnberg meanwhile show up a straight-playing house version and there's even an acoustic version which we could imagine Craig David blerting over."


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Spiders - Spiders [2010, vinyl, brainmath]

september 2009
lbl: Brainmath
#: MATH 03
dubstep, experimental
corundum [9.0]

A. Spiders

note: "The Ramp related Brain Math label follow up the massive Digital Flora ten inch from Zomby with this limited tae f*ck single sider from the mysterious Spiders. Fans of the dark and rhythmic looseness of Shackleton and Mordant Music will love this. "

yt preview:


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SBTRKT - Laika [2009, vinyl, brainmath]

lbl: Brainmath
#: MATH 04
128kbps [oops?]
beryl [7.8]

A. Laika

note: "Twisted dubstep out of time that manages to sound massive and strip-backed simultaneously...in the same unique vein as the previous workings 'Laika' is another step in SBTRKT carving out his/her own unimitable sound. If only we could get the good folks in Brain Math to invest the extra couple of pence per plate and provide us with another side for their records we'd be in bliss."


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Mount Kimbie - Remixes Pt.1 & Pt.2 [2010, vinyl, hotflush recordings]

Mount Kimbie - Remixes Pt.1

19 april 2010
lbl: Hotflush Recordings
#: HFRMX006 
topaz [8.0]

1. Maybes [James Blake Remix]
2. Serged [FaltyDL Remix]
3. At Least [Instra:mental Remix]

[fixed / 16 april 2010, MF]

Mount Kimbie - Remixes Pt.2

19 april 2010
lbl: Hotflush Recordings
#: HFRMX007
dubstep, deep house, techno
topaz [8.0]

1. William [Tama Sumo & Prosumer Remix]
2. Vertical [SCB Edit]


note: "On the first 12″, due out April 12, Dom and Kai’s sublime ‘Maybes’ – the title track of their debut EP – is reworked by Hessle Audio-affiliated wunderkind, and sometime Kimbie vocalist, James Blake, while ‘Serged’, from the subsequent Sketch on Glass EP, is given fresh legs by New York garage producer FaltyDL. On the flip, d’n'b minimalistsInstra:mental – a big influence on the current sonic worldview of Hotflush boss Scuba – transform ‘At Least’ into a “blissed-out, bass-heavy 4/4 roller”. The second 12″ has a Berlin flavour, with Panoramabar residents Tama Sumo and Prosumer teaming up for a remix of ‘William’, and Scuba adopting his house-leaning SCB guise for a re-rub of ‘Vertical’. "[Mount Kimbie] are working on the album at the moment,” Scuba recently told FACT, “Which is hopefully going to come out in May. With the kind of lead-in that they’ve had over the last couple of years, they’re really confident in what they do and how they work, and I think it’s going to be a great album.”" - news from FACT Magazine [18th March].

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Kyle Hall - Kaychunk [2010, vinyl, hyperdub]

26 march 2010
lbl: Hyperdub
#: HDB032
tourmaline [7.3]

A. Kaychunk
AA. You Know What I Feel

note:  "His productions are so intricate but feel effortless to enjoy and never get tangled in their own complexities. They operate in a space that can only be called “dance music” yet feel immediately familiar and cry out for repeated airings. I can say without exaggeration that I’ve listened to Kaychunk/You Know What I Feel more than any other record so far this year, and its appeal is so great I can’t foresee shelving it anytime soon. It’s no wonder Planet E, Warp, and Nonplus have all added Kyle Hall to their release schedules; you should do similarly for your vinyl collection." - LittleWhiteEarbuds.

[fixed / 29 march 2010, 4shared]

buy it here. [Picadilly Records, £ 4.99 - limited cheap price]

Christian Martin - Ghosts [2010, vinyl, trapez]

8 march 2010
lbl: Trapez
#: TRAPEZ106
minimal techno, dubstep
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Ghosts
2. Song For Pop
3. Work

note: "Christian Martin marks his first appearance on Trapez with this piece of music which is quite different from most of what we get today. The title track 'Ghosts' feels like as if Klaus Nomi and Kraftwerk were performing together... something we would have loved to have seen but which never happened. This track is not not for the people who love it safe but for the adventurous and the wicked. Voices like sirens striking with high pitched tongues being counteracted by basslines with a surface that can only be described as rough as chunks of splintered steel. A brilliant stop and go feeling shows that Christian Martin is the master on the steering wheel when it comes to controlling the movement. 'Work' is a groove box, a cool dubbed out steady going beat that never stops, never rests. A track that you will need when playing on after-hours. A track that does not let you down. Sometimes it gets really cool, quirky, silly and goes into acid... crystal clear, sharp as a diamond."


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Pom Pom - 33 [2010, 2 x vinyl, pom pom]

23 february 2010
lbl: Pom Pom
#: POM 33
beryl [7.8]

A1. Untitled
A2. Untitled
B1. Untitled
B2. Untitled
C1. Untitled
C2. Untitled
D1. Untitled
D2. Untitled


Alva Noto - For 2 [2010, cd, line / 12k]

march 2010 [collects music made between 2003 and 2008]
lbl: LINE [Line is a division of 12k]
#: LINE_044
minimal, ambient, field recording, experimental, avant-garde, drone
carborundum [9.3]

1. Garment
2. Villa Aurora
3. Pax
4. Argonaut
5. Stalker
6. Sonolumi
7. Interim
8. T3
9. Early Winter
10. Anthem Berlin
11. Ans
12. Argonaut-Version

producer: Carsten Nikolai [DE]

note: "A second album of dedications from Carsten Nicolai, once again presented by 12k offshoot label Line. Perhaps reflective of how varied this artist's output has become over recent years 'For 2' represents an incredibly broad range of styles and approaches, though the music always manages to retain the all-important sonic signatures unique to the Alva Noto sound. Over the past decade or so Nicolai's music has transcended the hyper-minimal rhythmic motifs that defined so much of his early work, exploring the possibilities of collaboration, live instrumentation and reconstituted orchestral ambience among other things. Accordingly, on For 2 (which collects music made between 2003 and 2008) you can expect surely the most expansive repertoire of sounds than has ever been gathered for a single Alva Noto album, something that's in-keeping with the diverse set of dedications - works for Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, fellow minimalist composer Phill Niblock, industrial designer Dieter Rams and dramatist Heiner Muller are all included, prompting greatly diverging works from Nicolai."

[fixed / 28 march 2010, 4shared]

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