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Cage & Aviary - Beat N Path [2010, vinyl, tiny sticks records]

february 2010
lbl: Tiny Sticks Records
#: stick 024
acid, disco, electro

A1. Beat N Path
A2. Low Noise
B. Beat N Path (Brennan Green's Anxious Acid Version)

Jamie Paton & Nigel Of Bermondsey

note: "[...] The A-side version of the title track seems to embody several aspects of the duo’s preferred musical continuum: the decade long post-Comiskey club music cluster-fuck called the 1980s. Beginning with some shoe-gazed funk guitar, the track nonchalantly whistles its way into a comfortable, if jaded, groove that willfully ambles along into an acid-washed breakdown. Things get a bit weird for a minute or two but come back around in time and without too much scandal. The cycle repeats as if to show how matter-of-factly one could walk back and forth twice from opposite corners of the Paradise Garage in under eight minutes. “Low Noise” strikes a semi-anguished robo-tone that quietly broods along the alleys of your mind, until some perky percussion lifts the computer blue mood into a stuttering semi-clear resolution. For all that, the restricted economy of its pace and arrangement make it a bit of a rough diamond that probably won’t catch as many ears as it should.

The exact opposite holds for Brennan Green’s flipside remix of the title track. Banging the original up a few notches (and bpms), Green wastes no time taking full advantage of his 303 in developing the track’s acidic elements. Flat like the makeshift plywood walls at a warehouse party, the track remains structurally consistent — only once dangling Hoyle’s whimsical hook over the dance floor — but is made up of millions of tiny variations. It sounds like an obvious tipping point to the night: you realize you’re either having the time of your life or your moments away from losing it completely. Could be the same thing, really. As the title suggests, looking for an obvious progressive bend to this release misses the point entirely. It’s often easy to become fixated with the emergence or perfection of a certain genre in a certain year in a certain place — and there is the temptation to look for similarly fortuitous circumstances on the horizon — but if anything, Cage & Aviary suggest it can be just as interesting reading at length between the genre lines." - Little White Earbuds' review.



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[Phonica,  £ 6.99]

David Sylvian + Holger Czukay - Plight & Premonition [1988, cd, virgin records]

lbl: Virgin Records America, Inc.
#: 0777 7 86053 2 4
ambient, abstract, acoustic

1. Plight (The Spiralling Of Winter Ghosts)
2. Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel)

note: "This CD and the accompanying "Flux and Mutability" are excellent backdrops for your imaginings. Like a painting that one sits and contemplates, after a period of time, the viewer or in this case the listener of this music will find him or herself in the midsts of the work. Some may find this haunting, to others releasing, to still others it creates a space that is simply not the day to day. Buy these, and Harold Budd's "the Pearl" and the "White Arcades," sit back, close your eyes, relax and drop into another reality." - by Contrarian.



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Skudge - Melodrama / Ontic [2010, vinyl, skudge records]

22 april 2010
#: SKUDGE002
dub techno, techno, house
silicon [7.0]

A. Melodrama
B. Ontic
total: 14:42

note: "Leading on from their wave-making 'Convolution' 12", the Swedish duo present a KILLER second Skudge pressing. 'Melodrama' puts their well rounded sound in the spotlight again, delivering peak time functions for those who like it deep, long and well developed. Their fudgy bass provides a springy surface for sheared hi-hats while a filtered female vocal keeps gives a handsome melodic feature to latch onto and drive us to the brink. With 'Ontic' on the flip they cruise a bruising side of Berlin stalker techno, taking Chicago drum patterns and trimming them for European sensibilities, meaning polite but deadly purposeful claps and sub-padded kicks like velvet coated boulders that'll make your teef rattle on a decent rig. It's simply a must for fans of Dettmann & Klock or the Fachwerk crew - don't miss!" - Boomkat.


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[Phonica Records, £ 7.99]

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VA - Staedtizism [2000, cd, ~scape]

6 june 2000
lbl: ~scape
dub, minimal, glitch, experimental
tourmaline [7.3]

1 Gramm  - Siemens.Bioport (Live Edit)
2 Vladislav Delay  - .D/Kompiila
3 Sun Electric  - Echelon
4 To Rococo Rot And I-Sound  - Milker
5 Kit Clayton  - Reins
6 Pole  - Sachtesachte
7 Trash Aesthetic  - Pavonia Mix
8 Thomas Fehlmann  - Fellmaus
9 Modernist, The  - Eurojah (Immigrant Dub)
10 Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players  - Hard Drive Dub

compiled by Stefan Betke.

note: in answer to the request.


Take - Only Mountain [2010, file, alpha pup]

april 2010
lbl: Alpha Pup
#: APR-028
wonky, dubstep, hip-hop
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Before You Think
2. Neon Beams
3. Horizontal Figuration
4. Crystallia
5. Don't Look Now
6. Quartz for Amber
7. If We Don't All Go Insane
8. Begin End Begin
9. Incredibright
10. Creosote (feat. As Is)
11. Paper Garden
12. Implosions
13. Juniper

note: "LA's Alpha Pup label continues to dominate the leftfield beat world with a top class LP from Take. His style has become established alongside figures like Ras G, Onra or Nosaj Thing of late with a blend of electro-leaning synthlines and lop-sided beats nudged with that sun-drenched LA flavour. You know the sort of stuff that makes you dance like a spaceman in slow motion? 'Only Mountain' collects 13 variations on this theme, keeping the vibes pressure-crushed and smudgy for psychedelic effect, at times like 'Horizontal Figuration' or the remake of Bullion's 'Payroll' remix flicking the anti-gravity button for a gorgeously heady effect or on 'Quartz For Amber' dropping more terrestrial sub bumps and android dream-sequences to keep us anchored. This is really delicious album for fans of Illum Sphere, the whole Beat Dimensions lot and that plugged-in electro-soul dream arena. "


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Gene Hunt - Cancemnini EP [2010, vinyl, hour house is your rush records]

9 april 2010
lbl: Hour House Is Your Rush Records
#: HHYR 9
house, detroit
tourmaline [7.3]

A1. Gyro Jazz  
A2. I Know You Care  
B1. Xylo Maze  
B2. Misty Falls

total time: 25:03

note: "We welcome Chicago house veteran Gene Hunt to HHYR. With this great 4 track EP Gene shows us he still has the touch. This EP includes three deep, yet raw tracks somewhere between jacking Chicago and classic Detroit. It reminds us of tracks by Boo Williams, Glenn Underground etc. Special mention goes out to ‘I Know You Care’, which is a lush disco track." - distributor.


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[official, Rush Hour Store, €7.99]

Pursuit Gooves - Fox Trot Mannerisms [2010, cd, tectonic]

5 april 2010
lbl: Tectonic
#: TECCD008
electronic, hip-hop
dubstep, trip-step, hip-hop, trip-hop
topaz [8.0]

1 Pressure
2 Start Somethin'
3 Mr Softee
4 Shabaps
5 Whisper
6 Tweezers
7 Cozy

producer: V. Smith

note: "Hyper-healthy astro-hiphop grooves from Brooklyn's Pursuit Grooves landing quite unexpectedly on Tectonic. It's a brave departure for a label that's solely associated with dubstep but one that pays off in incredible style with seven tracks of unheard styles akin to Pattie Blingh plugging into Fly Lo's Sendai and setting her vectors for Sun Ra's space temple in sector 17. Her lyrics commendably deal with conscious issues but to be honest we're pretty distracted by her intuitively spiraling space grooves to give them our full attention. From the stooped hiphop swing of 'Pressure' to the decaying astro-step rhythms and slivers of Moog on 'Mr Softee' through to the ultra-modern disco of 'Shabaps' or the lucid juke-boogie dreams of 'Whisper' Vanese Smith is giving us the future on a plate and we're hungry as f*ck. 'Fox Trot Mannerisms' is quite a stunning collection that should take a few minutes to settle in, but a few months to really get a grip on. Recommended to fans of owt from Toro Y Moi to Ras G and back again - very very good indeed." - Mundo Urbano.



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Rumpistol - Dynamo [2008, cd, rump recordings]

20 october 2008
lbl: Rump Recordings
#: RUMPCD010
idm, experimental, ambient, glitch, acoustic, dub, abstract
topaz [8.0]

1 Transit  
2 Mobile
3 Refleksion  
4 Beito 
5 Rehux  
6 Analog 
7 Kocmoc
8 Dynamo
total time: 44:26

Cello - Andreas Linsdell
Double Bass - Johan Segerberg
Producer, Written-By - Jens Berents Christiansen 
Violin - Jody Ghani

note: "Denmark's Rumpistol has been on the scene for awhile now. Five years ago, he put out his eponymous debut on the now-bustling Rump label; since then, he's been quietly making a name for himself in the electronic music underground. His sound is a glitchy, clicky brew, combining mathematical rhythms with crisp atmospherics and smart melodies. Post-rock-laced "Refleksion," replete with a catchy guitar line, sees Rumpistol at his best; it is a smart, memorable piece of electronic music with connections to early Pluramon work.
Five years on the scene have definitely left their mark on Dynamo - professional and original, this is an impeccably polished record worthy of patronage by any keen electronic music enthusiast. Due to their abstract manner, it can be difficult to conceptualize these eight tracks as individual compositions rather than one whole movement, and this sense of unity is magnified by Rumpistol's adherence to a fairly consistent formula. Certainly, certain tracks have different personalities - "Kocmoc" is dreary and meditative, "Beito" is vast and dramatic, and Mouse on Mars-esque "Mobile" is captivatingly skittish. Still, any disparate elements found between tracks come together to form a convincing whole.

Perhaps the best aspect of Dynamo is its individuality. Certainly, the concepts contained within are all culled from previous sources – such is the case in electronic music and virtually any genre around today. But the songs themselves, wrapped up and put together, are distinctly Rumpistol's own. And as far as contemporary electronic music goes, they're top of the line." - indieville.

yt preview:


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[Discovery Records, £12.99]

Douglas Greed - St. Eisbein EP [2010, vinyl, freude am tanzen]

16 march 2010
lbl: Freude Am Tanzen
#: FAT046
tech-house, minimal techno
tourmaline [7.3]

a. Marcel
b1. Lick Of Authority
b2. Oh My!

total time: 19:34

note: "The Swinging-Tech-Emo of the Fat-lings beats again. Black streaks and Kajal give it the highest order of beats, this side of the scene. The flag rocking the banner of melancholy can be danced to! This time only on the B2 part is the piece fully formed. The other two gold nuggets twinkle with that special doughy touch, which also infect the live sets. A clear depth swings with Greedís production constantly, dwarfed only by the sun. The streaks jump out with courageous bass, snippets of melancholy, voices, and bounce for the clubs."


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RxRy - RxRy [2010, file]

ambient, techno
tourmaline [7.3]

note: "RxRy is a recording project of some kind, and that’s all I can say, unburdened as I am by direct association with him/her/them/it(?). He/she/they/it(?) produce ambient-dub-pop (in order of generic significance) par excellence and in a satisfying variety. On his/her/their/its(?) self-titled LP some songs are underpinned by a ringing cascade of drone, progressing relatively slowly through distinctive stages. Others are more urgent, characterized by a heavier and more consistent beat. For the most part though, each song is itself quite internally varied, becoming individual microcosms of the album itself."


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Still Going - Still Going Theme [2007, vinyl, dfa]

18 september 2007
lbl: DFA
#: dfa2179
deep house, disco
topaz [8.0]

A. Still Going Theme  
B. On And On

Eric Duncan  & Olivier Spencer

note: "'Still Going Theme' is clearly pushing James Murphy's buttons right now. He's signed it to DFA Records and made it the centrepiece of his and LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney's recent Fabric compilation. In the mix with what Mahoney calls the "gay-ass disco" of 'Fabriclive 36', this dreamy track from Rub-N-Tug's Eric Duncan and Olivier Spencer (Mr. Negative) shines through.

The sassy piano line of 'Still Going Theme' makes it utterly irresistible. It's the kind of big hook that would inspire dancefloor singalongs, if everyone could wipe the big stupid grins from their faces for a minute. The carefree keys belie the depth of the track, which is anchored by a deep dubbed-out bass and swirling with trancelike synths. It all swells into a swooning Balearic epic. Ultimately, however, the sheer catchiness of ‘Still Going Theme’ may keep it from attaining the classic status of Joakim’s remix of ‘Camino del Sol’. Disco and deep house DJs bent on reliving their summers are warned: this one has your name on it, but don’t wear it out.

B-side ‘On and On’ recycles the same sounds over a progressive groove to create the kind of driving melodic builder that will warm through sets by the likes of Desyn Maseillo and Nick Warren. The similarities between this and ‘…Theme’ suggest that Still Going may turn out to be a one trick pony. But for now, what a trick!" - James Glazebrook, RA.


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Jose James - Warrior [2010, vinyl, brownswood recordings]

12 april 2010
lbl: Brownswood Recordings
#: BWOOD048
dubstep, 2-step
topaz [8.0]

A1. Warrior (Sbtrkt Remix)
A2. Warrior (Jus Wan Remix)
B.   Warrior (Rockwell Remix)

total time: 16:39

Bass - Chris Smith
Drums - Richard Spaven 
Piano - Gideon Van Gelder 
Vocals - Jose James

note: "Not sure you’re ready for these but we’ve just approved the TPs (test pressings) so they’re on the way! The original version of WARRIOR is taken from Jose’s album BLACKMAGIC – it’s a cover of the Benga anthem ‘Emotions’, reworked by Jose’s band in the studio. Taking it back to the club, we recruited the much hyped mysterious masked man Sbtrkt, dub garage maestro Jus Wan and the exceptionally talented D&B producer Rockwell (whom you will definitely be hearing a whole lot more from in 2010) on remix duties. They all killed it. Coming to your local friendly record shop on a crisp 12″ (or online digital store) on 12th April 2010."


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