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Autechre - Oversteps [2010, file, warp records]

22 february 2010
lbl: Warp Records
#: WARP210
post-idm, experimental
iridium [6.5] and it changes, 8.0 after 4th :P

1. r ess
2. Ilanders
3. known(1)
4. pt2ph8
5. qplay
6. see on see
7. Treale
8. os veix3
9. O=0
10. d-sho qub
11. st epreo
12. redfall
13. krYlon
14. Yuop

Booth & Brown.

note: definitely not fake! trustworthy source.

[fixed / 9 march 2010]

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Loscil - Endless Falls [2010, cd, kranky]

22 february 2010
lbl: Kranky
#: KRANK141
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Endless Falls
2. Estuarine
3. Shallow Water Blackout
4. Dub For Cascadia
5. Fern And Robin
6. Lake Orchard
7. Showers Of Ink
8. The Making Of Grief Point

producer: Scott Morgan


"In 2007 the American journalist Alan Weisman published ‘The World Without Us,’ a speculative account of what would become of the human environment and the Earth should humanity suddenly pop out for cigarettes one day and never come back. Within its pages Weisman forecasted the disintegration of cities, the bursting of sewers, the rampant proliferation of vegetative life, and in the face of common wisdom, the demise of the rat and the cockroach (surely more than enough reason to sign up to the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement). But as sobering and as vivid a read as the book is, its dispassionate journalistic account does little to provide an especially visceral sense of how an egoless world might be experienced.
Step forward Loscil, aka Vancouver resident Scott Morgan, with his fifth album ‘Endless Falls,’ which doesn’t so much evoke the absence of humanity as the absence of life altogether. Like his previous four LPs its eight tracks deal in a strand of electro-acoustic ambient so primordial, so imperceptibly gradual in its pacing that you’d be pardoned for the belief that it had somehow grown in parallel with the universe itself rather than as a product of human blood, sweat and tears. And even though this would seem to suggest a sparseness that threatens to render the album void of effect and interest, those who listen closely to their music will quickly find that this isn’t the case. [...]" -

21 07 2012

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Terror Danjah - Acid / Pro Plus [2010, vinyl, hyperdub]

15 february 2010
lbl: Hyperdub
#: HDB031
uk garage, dubstep
tourmaline [7.3]

A. Acid
AA. Pro Plus

note: "Hyperdub give a nod of respect to one of the UKs most influential underground producers with two firin' tracks from Terror Danjah and DOK. If you've been paying attention to the sets of Scratcha, Butterz or Kode 9 in the last few months you've no doubt clocked the searing heat of 'Acid'. It's got to be one Danjah's hardest cuts to date, giving a firm nod to '92 'ardkore with Belgian mentasms and stupendous stop/start rhythmic force that makes a clear case for the 'nuum genetics of Steve Gurley and co being carried through to Grime's lurching rhythmic swagger." - boomkat.

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10-20 - Mountain [2010, file, highpoint lowlife]

21 february 2010
lbl: Highpoint Lowlife
#: hpll046
abstract, experimental, post-idm
topaz [8.0]

1. wercc
2. globe
3. majik
4. littoral

note: "‘Mountain’ is the third in the geologically inspired Landforms EP series by 10-20, which span an imaginary journey through the architectural and geographic ruin of near-future hyperstitional landscapes. The four tracks that comprise this EP, take the vertigo of an elevated view, the oxygen-thin climate, the affective disorder of Ballardian myth, and shape these elements through sound manipulation; Shards of sonic debris tumble past unsteady lurching rhythms, start-stop vertical chasms, and the unsteadying winds of hazy memory. From the ascendant blunted groove of ‘Wercc’, to the beatific vista of ‘globe’, from the dizzying heights of ‘majik’ to the woozy summit of ‘littoral’, these four tracks coalesce into a coherent third stage of the journey, building on the two previous episodes, ‘Island’ and ‘Lake’. The series will come to a climax with the release of the fourth episode ‘Isthmus’ due in April, a limited run physical artefact, taking the form of a blue vinyl 7″." - distributor.

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P.Laoss - Back Diffusion EP [2010, file, 2010]

22 february 2010
lbl: Pong Musiq
#: PMDIGI016
dub techno
topaz [8.0]

01. Back Diffusion
02. Additive Effect
03. Feel Adrift
04. Back Diffusion (Dubatech No Space Remix)

note: przemiła epeczka z subtelnie rozmazanym techdubem.

Ripperton - Niwa [2010, 3 x vinyl, green]

1 february 2010
lbl: Green
#: GR102CD
minimal techno, dub techno, deep house
8.5 [chrysoberyl]

A. Vampire
B. Vampire Dub
A1. A Simple Thing
A2. At Peace
B1. Echocity (Vinyl Version)
B2. Farra
C1. Ecotone
C2. A Train To Nowhere (Vinyl Version)
D1. Leonor’s Lanugo (Vinyl Version)
D2. Des Promesses De Couleurs
E1. The Sandbox
E2. Solastalgia
E3. L'Ardo

producer: Raphaël Ripperton

note: "In Japanese Niwa means garden. The concept of what an album should be is really taken seriously here. With Niwa what you open your ears and emotions to isn't just another loose bundle of tracks. All the single stories, element by element, are constantly fusing together into a greater whole. This is Ripperton's world. He draws on all the influences that have journeyed with him as a passionate musician on life's long and winding road. Influences far beyond dark booming warehouse parties abound, and are just as likely to conjure up vivid images of dewy Lausanne sunsets. Folk tinged downbeat experiments peacefully co-exist with delicious jazz blueprints and sublime ambient soundscapes, sitting in harmony with deeply hypnotic house grooves." - phonomonkey.

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FaltyDL - All In The Place [2010, vinyl, rush hour recordings]

february 2010
lbl: Rush Hour Recordings
#: RH-DC 1
dubstep, house, uk garage
topaz [8.0]

1. All In The Place
2. St. Marks
3. Discoko
4. Groove

producer: Drew Cyrus Lustman

note: "ush Hour kicks of its Direct Current series with NYC based Falty DL. This series is about today’s electronic music in all shapes by new and upcoming producers. Falty DL is known for his releases on Planet Mu and Ramp. His sounds shifts somewhere between hip hop, funk, dubstep, house and techno. Its this cross breeding that gives Falty DL his signature sound. With ‘All In The Place’ he delivers one of his best releases to date. Four tracks that sound classic, yet futuristic at the same time. Essential ep!" - distributor.

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Christian Löffler - Raise EP [2010, vinyl, c.sides]

15 february 2010
lbl: c.sides
#: 006
minimal techno, deep house
chrysoberyl [8.5]

01. Cord
02. Glare
03. Raise
04. Core

note: "Christian Löffler's 'Raise EP' is one of the most stunning pieces of recorded electronic 
music- at least that's what Glitterbug and the rest of c.sides thought when the demo was 
first played back in their Cologne studio, and they have been in love ever since. Christian 
Löffler has this magic touch to whatever he does, both as an audio and visual artist. The 
clarity and intensity of his work, in addition to the analogue warmth that his music 
contains, is unmatched. Played back loud, this seemingly calm EP turns into a dense club 
stormer, of the most explosive and unexpected kind. Hurray, an EP & an artist perfect for 
the c.sides imprint!!! 
The 'Raise EP' opens with 'Cord', containing Löffler's deep round signature sound, bringing 
up a pumping deep bass with an elevating exalting slightly broken analogue polyphonic 
synthesizers, a pad intertwined with a warm hiss and hum, extending between melancholic 
and exhilarated, full and thriving, moving and utopic. A track that will take you by the 
hand with a warm, tight grip until the very last second. 
'Glare', a track soft as a floating feather yet repetitive and hypnotic, harbors an 
untouchable resonance, beautiful chords, melody miniatures, a bouncing bass drum and 
percussion work that simply defies gravity. 
'Raise', the EP's shining star is more of a shooting meteor, lighting up the sky. It's the 
sound of coming home, a familiar melody like a childhood memory stirring deep emotions 
of unforgettable moments: wind blowing in the hair, running under the moonlight, falling 
into a star sprinkled sky. But don't be mislead: this track is a prime-time rave monster- 
but not one of the obvious kinds... just the way they like it at c.sides! 
The EP closes with 'Core', an ambient miniature, which like its title, digs deeper and 
deeper into the center, into the depths of the nucleus, until reaching the essence of the 
heart. Every good EP should make you cry with its last track. 
" -

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Kuedo - Dream Sequence EP [2010, vinyl, planet mu]

15 february 2010
lbl: Planet Mu
#: ZIQ262
dubstep, wonky
topaz [8.0]

1. Starfox
2. Shutter Light Girl
3. Joy Construction
4. Glow

producer: Jamie Teasdale aka Jamie Vex'd

note: "Moving even further away from the Vex'd moniker—a name he shared with a fellow dubstep producer, Roly, across the industrially lauded Degenerate album for Planet Mu—the man formerly known as Jamie Vex'd is now releasing music under the Kuedo guise. But while the name may be slightly different, Dream Sequence holds plenty of similarities to the In System Travel EP, namely the fact that the music on it is of the skewed hip-hop variety, rather than the oppressively heavy, soundsystem-testing dubstep type. 

Marking his move into more fluorescent climes last year with his Sunday Walkman mixtape for the Lucky Me collective—which featured artists like Joker, Zomby and Darkstar alongside Cannibal Ox and Erykah Badu—Jamie hasn't looked back since, intently developing his production work into a fusion of off-key melodies, slow slumping drums and layers of sounds that are easy to lose yourself within. [...] " - Oli Marlow, read full review.

[fixed / 10 march 2010]

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Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated EP [2010, vinyl, planet mu]

february 2010
lbl: Planet Mu
#: ZIQ263
dubstep, wonky
topaz [8.0]

01. Ultra Heat Treated
02. Skyfire
03. Pressure
04. Quantum Leap
05. Goulash
06. Titans

producer: Greg Feldwick

note: "From the start of the record, comparisons to Degenerate-era Vex’d and Starkey’s street bass sound spring immediately to mind. The ferocious subs and keening synths of ‘Ultra Heat Treated’ sound barely tethered to a riddim that not so much lurches as hobbles. ‘Skyfire’ pings and whooshes like a mal-functioning arcade, the chopped squarewaves churning like the demented breakdown of Squarepusher’s ‘My Red Hot Car’. The influence of Tom Jenkinson is also audible in the howling synths of ‘Pressure’, which recalls the melancholy motif of 2002’s Do You Know Squarepusher? set against a pistolwhip half-step skank.

The EP continues with the heaving post-Rustie chiptune of ‘Quantum Leap’ and the queasy, K-hole discombobulation of ‘Goulash’, before ‘Titan’ delivers you back towards a vaguely compos mentis, if garishly hypercoloured reality.
Slugabed is a supremely gifted producer. His stop-start synths and crunching, off-kilter beats result in productions that deftly combine melodic sensitivity with satisfying rhythmic complexity. It’s probably safe to expect some big things from Slugabed in the near future, but for now, could someone please pass the Valium?" - Colin McKean, read full review.

[fixed / 10 march 2010]

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