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Andromelos - Andromelos [2006, cd, ektro records]

lbl: Ektro Records
#: EKTRO-041
electronic, rock
krautrock, psychedelic rock, drone

1. Tea Breaks Are Under Attack From 2300000 Light Years Part.1
2. Tea Breaks Are Under Attack From 2300000 Light Years Part.2

Drums - Okano Futoshi
Electronics - Maso Yamazaki
Engineer - Makoto Kawabata , Maso Yamazaki
Guitar - Makoto Kawabata
Music By - Andromelos
Organ - Makoto Kawabata

note: "Acid Mothers Temple's Kawabata Makoto joins Yamazaki Maso of Masonna fame and Okano Futoshi, formerly of Ghost, for some grade-A psychedelic high jinks. Kicking off with twittering electronics and droning organ, it all starts very calmly and over the course of the next five minutes gradually transforms itself into a fully-fledged space rock odyssey. This first piece is rammed with ideas, taking all kinds of moodswings in its stride over a forty-minute duration, expanding far beyond the realms of improvised, vibe-heavy psychedelia, there's some impressive musicianship here too, particularly from Kawabata's reverberating lead guitar. For the second, similarly lengthy piece, Yamazaki steals the show with some primordial electronics intruding upon the more organic elements of the group, his crisp, detailed oscillator spasms upsetting the mix like a malevolent virus."

space machine is waiting

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