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Luke Hess & Marko Fürstenberg - Campfire Dialogue [2008, vinyl, echocord colour]

september 2008
lbl: Echocord Colour
#: Echocord Colour 02
dub, techno

A. Luke Hess - Platte

B. Marko Fürstenberg - Site 312

note: "While no proper affiliation exists between Detroit’s Echospace and Denmark’s Echocord, there is certainly an interesting volley of ideas taking place between the two like-minded labels. Both champion a sonorous mid-tempo dub style, and, with the recent launch of the sub-label Echocord Colour, both please collectors with lush transparent records. But while the former favors muffled bass kicks and swishing ambience, the latter keeps the dance floor a bit closer to its heart. On “Campire Dialogue,” the second release on Echocord Colour, Luke Hess and Marko Fürstenberg keep the beats punchy and the vibe tight, but hold onto the cavernous imagery that’s given the “echo” variety of dub so much staying power. [...]" - Will Lynch, Little White Earbuds.

german conga-clapping

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  1. You've got some great stuff here. I'll have to take some time to digest it all. Thanks.


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