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Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Galaxy 2 Galaxy [1993, 2 x vinyl, underground resistance]

lbl: Underground Resistance
#: UR-025
techno, future jazz, detroit

The Dream
A1. Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science)

A2. Hi-Tech Jazz (The Elements)

The Journey
B1. Journey Of The Dragons

B2. Star Sailing

The Search
C1. Astral Apache (Star Stories)

C2. Deep Space 9 (A Brother Runs This Ship)

The Last Transmission
D1. Rhythm Of Infinity

D2. Metamorphosis (The Creation Of I.S.F. Unit ZC-121861 Stardate: 05 30 93)

note: loads of respect for that.

"Final transmission: I found it, there is existence other than us. I have transformed. The tones are keys to it all! I'll be back." - Mad Mike aka Galaxy 2 Galaxy.

astral respect

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