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Ital Tek - Midnight Colour [2010, cd, planet mu]

7 june 2010
lbl: Planet Mu
#: ZIQ272

1 Neon Arc
2 Talis
3 Moonbow
4 Babel
5 Satellite
6 Subgiant
7 Black And White
8 Strangelove V.I.P.
9 Moment In Blue
10 Heliopause 
11 Midnight Colour
12 Infinite
13 Restless Tundra

producer: Alan Myson
note: "Known to his friends as Alan Myson, Ital Tek has been pumping out moody post-dubstep tunes since 2006, and first made a splash two years ago with this debut album Cyclical, also released on Planet Mu. Midnight Colour is a bit less brooding than that release, but continues on the IDM-inspired dubstep tip, echoes of garage, scattered 4/4 rhythms and a tempo that stays down around 130 BPM. The album will be followed by an EP, Moment in Blue, featuring remixes by Ikonika and Falty DL, plus two tracks by Ital Tek that don't appear on the album: "Crush Horizon" and "Infinity."" - RA News.

czasem na granicy kiczu, z kolei innym razem przyjemnie czaszę struga. acz nie daję gwarancji, że odpornych posmyra.

amplitudes of mind
[fixed / 15 june 2010]
& buy it on the official site. [£9.99]

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  2. Any chance of a cheeky little re-up of this one? I'd love to hear it.

  3. reup would be awesome!

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