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Roof Light - Harlem Power EP [2010, file, prolific recordings]

7 june 2010
lbl: Prolific Recordings
#: PROPH120
dubstep, uk garage

1. Harlem Power 
2. Two Cities (dub)
3. Touch Down
4. Gunfighter In Negative

note: "Released on MJ Cole's Prolific label, London producer Roof Light really excels on this EP, and shows a love and mastery of a variety of different sounds, styles and skills. The MJ Cole connection shines through on the title track, with a multicoloured palette of funky sounds and samples all mixed together perfectly to create a fresh and soulful garage stepper. But while "Harlem Power" is bright and summery, "Two Cities" is an intense, Burial-esque moodscape, while "Touch Down" is a real event - the beat slowly subsides, leaving a sea of gorgeous reversed pads, only to slowly build itself up again in a variety of ways. An unexpected, random, yet riveting and affecting EP from start to finish." - Juno.

troche zagubiony, stylistycznie rozszczepiony popisuje sie umiejetnosciami samplingu.

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