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Shetland - Excess [2010, vinyl, apnea]

10 february 2010
lbl: Apnea
#: APNEA028
dub techno

A1. Nothing Succeds Like Excess
A2. Moderation Is Fatal
B1. Beat Pharmacy's Restrained Excess
B2. Brendon's Moeller Moderately Excessive Dub

Ramadanman & Brendon Moeller

note: "Exploring the quicksand areas around minimal house and techno, Ramadanman and Brendon Moeller meet minds on the 'Excess' EP for Apnea. Most noticably it's would seem that Ramadanman has altered his style the most for this project, dipping the bpms down into mid-paced house and techno grooves with some subbass embellishment and delicately fluttering dub vibes. 'Nothing Succeeds Like Excess' is the mantra for the lush opener, rolling with sweetened Detroit harmonics and spherical bass rubs while the slightly drier pitch of 'Moderation Is Fatal' revolves about offset snares and deep house arrangements. Brendon Moeller follows these with two typically opulent motions, dispersing layers of dub pressure with is deft touch." - Boomkat.


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