piątek, sierpnia 14, 2009

Andrea / Millie - Temper Tantrum / Vigilance [2009, vinyl, daphne]

Released: 12 June 2009
Label: Daphne
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub, Techno, Dubstep
Bitrate: VBR ~200kbps

A. Andrea Temper Tantrum
B. Millie Vigilance

note: 'A. riotous piece of 'ardkore-meets-half step, starting out in classic pre '94 fashion with joyously vulgar synth stabs and rude, shuffling breaks before a shockingly beefy bassline and cavernous snare cracks fairly boot proceedings into 2009. B. bone deep with a typically hybridised 4/4 dubstep roller, continuing in the same powerfully hauntological vein as his previous Daphne release but upping the ante considerably with supreme bass dynamics and a spine-tingling woodblock snare.'

up the root,

if you like it, buy this music here. [only at discogs]

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