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Zomby - Zomby EP [2008, 2 x vinyl, hyperdub]

Released: December 2008
Label: Hyperdub
Cat #: HDB016
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Dubstep
Bitrate: 320kbps

A. Spaceman
B1. Kaliko
B2. Test Me For A Reason
C1. Aquafresh
C2. Gloop
D1. 1 Up
D2. Diamonds & Pearls

note: 'Imagine your old 8-bit Nintendo got possessed by a dubstep demon and started blurting out all kinds of bleeps and bloops over sinister half-time beats. That's pretty much what Zomby's self-titled EP sounds like! Fans of the lo-fi video game sound and dubstep are gonna love this. Check the dizzying synth swirls on Kaliko, the wicked beeps on Spaceman, or the dubbed out 1 Up. Actually feeling Test Me For A Reason which sounds like a lost Burial track.'


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