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RSD - On Deck / Accepted [2009, vinyl, r8 records]

Presence of Nature by Dirk Erik Schulz

Released: 22 April 2009
Label: R8 Records
Cat #: R8-004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep
Bitrate: 320kbps

A. On Deck
B. Accepted

note: 'Old-skool trooper RSD rocks up two winners for Sheffield's R8 records with some proper future roots fusions. 'On Deck' ploughs his years of Sound System experience in the bass cradle of Bristol into a nu-Roots stepper riding propulsive 4/4s and topped off with weirdly ascending melodies sounding like he's smoked one jazz-snout too many. 'Accepted' switches to a halfstep swing on the flip, creating a feeling of impending doom with cavernous dub stabs and a red-eye staring swagger riddim to darken up any rave space'

roll the psybeats!

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