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Close Erase - Dance This [2001, cd, bp]

lbl: BP
#: BP 01010
electronic, jazz
abstract, future jazz

1. Dance This Part I
2. Dance This Part II
3. Zoo Solitude Part I
4. Zoo Solitude Part I
5. Zoo Solitude Part I
6. Zoo Solitude Part IV
7. Rigid Digit

note: "Close Erase turned electric on their third album, Dance This (Bp 01010). Together with producer Reidar Skår, Close Erase released an album which redefines the standards of modern jazz music without compromises. With references to Miles Davis in the seventies, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and the Norwegian group Supersilent, Dance This appeals to a wide audience, stretching from dark clubs to jazznerds headphones. The album has received reviews comparable to standing ovations by most critics, including highest rating by Norwegian critic Terje Mosnes (Dagbladet).

Dance This was nominated for the Norwegian “Grammy”, Spellemannsprisen 2002 (jazz).Before their London debut 10.September 2002, the magazines The Wire and Jazz Wise has been shocked by this highly original trio."

drop it

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