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CV313 - Sailingstars [2009, vinyl, echospace (detroit)]

september 2009
lbl: echospace [detroit]
#: echospace 009
dub, techno

Subtraktive (Intrusion's Twilight Dub)
Sailingstars (Intrusion's Reform)

note: "Dancefloor weighted dub-techno and house from Steve Hitchell's CV 313 project. 'Sailing Stars' is a fathoms-deep groove for the floor, setting subbass tones at the threshold of human hearing capabilities to unnerving effect while crisply spacious percussion and currents of analog ephemera cruise the surface. On the flip Hitchell takes the reins with an Intrusion Twilight Dub of the now classic 'Subtraktive', massaged and ready for the floor with a shorter playing time and concentrated vibes before his reformed version of the A-side travels to the edge of space with exponentially echoed atmospheres."

welcome back, boss
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