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Millie & Andrea - Black Hammer / Gunshot [2008, vinyl, daphne]

lbl: Daphne
#: Daphne 001
dubstep, techno, dub
vbr ~200kbps

Black Hammer
Gunshot (Stripped)

note: ‘Black Hammer’ has a Martyn-ish style with a sawing synthline that together with a vocal sample makes this track essential. The fast paced unexpected use of the samples keeps you hooked as the track progresses – weirdness in a really good sense.

‘Gunshot’ is much darker production that resembles a bit of Shackleton and a bit of some nice dark techno, the synths sounds like raindrops over a deep, deep bassline with a kick that just drowns in all the sounds that are falling in from everywhere.'

it's heavy!

[fixed link]

if you like it, buy this music here.

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