piątek, września 25, 2009

Kryptic Minds - One Of Us / Six Degrees [2009, vinyl, swamp 81]

23 february 2009
lbl: Swamp 81
#: SWAMP001

A. One Of Us
AA. Six Degrees

note: "Kryptic Minds have recently converted to the dubstep sound along with a ruck more refugees from the slightly stale style. This is only their second release in the dubstep field but it more than proves they have the skills to become accepted within the scene with Bassbin Don Loefah signing this up for his freshly minted Swamp81 imprint. The two sets of producers share a lot in common, from the slow swinging riddimic style to the massively swollen bass pressure and dramatic atmospherics all massively enhanced by their fearsome technical prowess."


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