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Sustainer - Cuántico [2003, cd, italic]

21 march 2003
lbl: Italic
#: ITA 030
dub, techno, minimal
vbr ~224kbps

1. Suspensión
2. Dinámica
3. Múltiplo
4. Sólido
5. Cúbico
6. Módulo
7. Cuántico
8. Desviacón

note: "Barcelona artist Sustainer has produced an album with decidedly Berlin influences. His tracks make extensive use of reverb and phasing reminiscent of Various Artist’s 8, 8.5, 9. Some are beat-less; all are hypnotic. Although the sounds are far from original, this is quality minimalist music. Cuántico could share a shelf with Basic Channel 12-inches, and I can’t think of a greater compliment than that."

solid clinic

if you like it, buy this music here.

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