piątek, czerwca 26, 2009

Deerhoof - Reveille [2002, cd, kill rock stars]

Released: 04 Jun 2002

Label: Kill Rock Stars

Genre: Electronic, Rock

Style: Experimental, Low-Fi, Space Rock

Bitrate: 192kbps


1. Sound The Alarm
2. This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
3. The Eyebright Bugler
4. Punch Buggy Valves
5 No One Fed Me So I Stayed
6. Our Angel's Ululu
7. The Last Trumpeter Swan
8. Top Tim Rubies
9. Tuning A Stray
10. Holy Night Fever
11. All Rise
12. Frenzied Handsome, Hello!
13. Days & Nights In The Forest
14. Hark The Umpire
15. Cooper
16. Hallelujah Chorus

note: i'll be screaming until the heaven's door will open.

let me free.

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