wtorek, czerwca 23, 2009

Magthea - Saxapulations [~1994, cassette, 3riorecordings]

Released: xxxx [probably 1994]

Label: 3RioRecordings

Genre: Electronic

Style: Experimental, Ambient

Bitrate: 192kbps


A1. Neptunes Wakes Up
A2. Neptunes' Cosmic Whales
A3. Neptunes Drinks Milk
  A Day In The Life Of Neptunes
A4. Part 1
A5. Part 2
A6. Part 3
A7. Part 4
A8. Neptunes Plays Videogames (And Is Loosing The Game)
A9. Cosmic Whales Enjoy It
B1. Part 1: Intro
B2. Part 2: Decay In Your Head
B3. Part 3: Hello Again

note: brilliant shamanic ambient, extremely rare.


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