wtorek, sierpnia 18, 2009

Marvin Belton - Bleed To Be Free [2009, vinyl, ferrispark]

Released: May 2009 [2002]
Label: Ferrispark
Cat #:
FPR 006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, House
Bitrate: 192kbps

Bleed To Be Free
Feelin' Good (KNS Dub)
Feelin' Good (SF Dub)

note: 'Belton comes from the old school, eschewing melisma for straightforward charms. He never gets too hysterical, never too angry. He sings as though beamed in from 1968—a soul singer that's found himself in a dance music world. Coupled with Scott Ferguson's lithe touch—the beat's bump is light, there's little bass to speak of and a piano leads the way—and you've got yourself an unimpeachable classic.'

take me back to chicago

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