piątek, sierpnia 14, 2009

RSD - Corner Dub (Blue & Red Mix) / Pretty Bright Light [2007, vinyl, punch drunk]

Released: 2007
Label: Punch Drunk
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep
Bitrate: VBR ~200kbps

A. Corner Dub (Blue & Red Mix)
B. Pretty Bright Light

note: 'On "Corner Dub", militant digi-drums stride imperiously across a sub-woofer-blowin' lo-end landscape that slowly starts to dissolve in a blur of ricocheting delay and skittering sound-FX. Smith makes it all seem effortless: the beats are taut n tight and the production flawless: this is a masterclass in sound-engineering that encapsulates almost 30 years of Bristol Lo-end culture... it should equally appeal to 70s Dubheads like myself or Farmer Glitch, as well as anyone with an interest in Dancehall, Dubstep or post-Jungle beats.'

raw meat confession,

if you like it, support the artist and buy this music here.

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