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Thomas Brinkmann - Isch [2009, vinyl, petite]

Released: 6 July 2009
Label: Petite
Cat #: CURLE-P 03
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, Minimal, Techno
Bitrate: 320kbps

A. Isch
B. Isch (Soulphiction Remisch)

note: 'Appearing here for what I believe is the first time on vinyl courtesy of the album-deep-cut-rescuing Curle Petite imprint, "Isch" is backed by a remix from another house maverick, Soulphiction. Smartly softening things, he adds a dreamy harp loop to the proceedings and cranks up the funk. Spacing things out nicely, there's now room to breathe the fresh air that Brinkmann was exhaling in this tune. Techno on one side, house on the other and all of it's pretty damn brilliant. Essential.'

fetisch of yours

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