wtorek, kwietnia 13, 2010

Bjørn Svin - Browen [2010, 2 x vinyl, rump recordings]

lbl: Rump Recordings
#: RUMPLP012
experimental, techno, idm, dubstep, downtempo, minimal, sampling, noise
carborundum [9.3]

A1. Browen
A2. bowbroW
A3. owW
B1. mOmWree
B2. enbrO
B3. enRowen
B4. nnOR
C1. ROwmOR
C3. rOOn
D1. RoweR
D2. BooO

note: "Active since 1995 as a live performer and producer of experimental electronic dance music, Bjørn Svin has released several albums and 12"s as well as music for films and theatre. In the late nineties he became a "techno pop-star" with the hit “Mer Strøm 2” and reached cult-status in most of Scandinavia. His new album BROWEN will be released on March by Danish Rump Recordings and it shows a different side of Bjørn as composer. The twelve tracks of the album take inspiration from the rhythmic richness of techno/i.d.m. music but add to the mix an experimental attitude. If tracks like "ROwmOR" or "mPmWree" show still traces of techno structures, others like the opening "Browen" or the following "bowbroW" are more experimental oriented thanks to an evolving flow of metallic sounds that form little melodic/rhythmic loops. Minimal tiny melodies change their sound from dissonant to melodic and clashes with other hundreds forming a constant flow of sound. Techno, dub (check the opening part of "mOmWree"), i.d.m., experimental influences blend very well giving to the listener an interesting and wide sound spectrum to explore." - noisebrigade.

kontrolowany chaos, odkrywany z niekłamaną przyjemnością. być może eksperyment roku.


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