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Gradient - City Sound Vibrations [2010, file, ZeECc]

9 march 2010
lbl: ZeECc
#: ECc010
dub techno
beryl [7.8]

01. City Sound Vibrations
02. Night Avenue
03. Rainy Garden
04. We Can See the Silence
total time: 28:36

producer: Igor Arsenjev

note: "6 months after his first “Cold Season EP”, Igor Arsenjev is back on ZeECc with his Gradient project and delivers here 4 new deep tracks. For this one, he keeps his unique style, which was also produced on legendary Thinner netlabel and on English Rednetic recordings. Probably more enigmatic, this “City Sound Vibrations” new travel through the city emphasizes our urban way of life, surrounded by so many mysterious sounds we don’t pay attention anymore.With these 4 new stories, sometimes submerged of bass or nearly beatless, we can fell all the vibrations from a “Night Avenue” to a “Rainy Garden”, and admire a moment of silence, as if during 28 minutes all activities were root to the spot. It’s now time to take advantage of this moment of respite and to share this intimist city vision with one of the most innovator artist of the Russian dub-techno scene." - distributor.

świetnie oszlifowane klasyczne dub techno.


buy it here. [beatport]

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