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METAxU - Rumors Of War [2003, cd, no type]

october 2003
lbl: No Type
#: IMNT 089
electronic, avant-garde
experimental, dark ambient, electroacoustic, glitch, noise, minimal, microsampling
chrysoberyl [8.5]

1. 28061914 Sarajevo
2. 25031999 Belgrade
3. 01041939 Alicant
4. 07021964 Saigon
5. 06091945 Hiroshima
6. 07121941 Pearl Harbour
7. 25061950 Seoul
8. 01091939 Warsaw
9. 08031917 St. Petersberg
10. 02051982 Falkland
11. 11092001 New York
12. 09041948 Deir Yassin

Filippo Paolini & Maurizio Martusciello

note: "Metaxu is a new project by Filippo Paolini and Maurizio Martusciello. This Italian duo have made important political statements on their rumors of war release. This album features tracks examining the thin line that exists between war & peace. Through their compositions it is evident that they have concerned themselves with pivotal moments of recent World History....especially the times when History itself seemed to end all at once. They examine chaos and violence through tones, loops, microtones and strangely composed drones and arranged keyboard lines. They examine the many tragedies of the world including those that have happened at Hiroshima, New York City and Sarajevo. These tracks are drenched with hints of darkness, pain and hope. The quietly interwoven clips of news and other spoken word statements scattered around the tracks makes it even more intense.

As a whole this CD is a relaxing yet challenging listen. The track titles are clearly pointing out the meanings behind the music, directing your attentions to events that we should be clearly remembering in the world. The music can be easily played in a set with Jeremy Boyle, Takagi Masakatsu, Tetsue Innoue and newer pieces by Donnachea Costello." - Anne Sulikowski; Dec 15, 2003.


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