sobota, kwietnia 17, 2010

Douglas Greed - St. Eisbein EP [2010, vinyl, freude am tanzen]

16 march 2010
lbl: Freude Am Tanzen
#: FAT046
tech-house, minimal techno
tourmaline [7.3]

a. Marcel
b1. Lick Of Authority
b2. Oh My!

total time: 19:34

note: "The Swinging-Tech-Emo of the Fat-lings beats again. Black streaks and Kajal give it the highest order of beats, this side of the scene. The flag rocking the banner of melancholy can be danced to! This time only on the B2 part is the piece fully formed. The other two gold nuggets twinkle with that special doughy touch, which also infect the live sets. A clear depth swings with Greedís production constantly, dwarfed only by the sun. The streaks jump out with courageous bass, snippets of melancholy, voices, and bounce for the clubs."


buy it here. [KOMPAKT.FM, 7,80 €]

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