środa, kwietnia 14, 2010

Nick Solé - Never [2010, vinyl, dpress industries]

february 2010
lbl: Dpress Industries
#: DPRESS 037
dub techno, deep house
topaz [8.0]

A. Never (Space Dub Vinyl Version)
B1. Back To Love
B2. Never (Radio Edit)

total time: 23:25

note: "Nick Solé's previous offering, Simple Things, came out almost exactly a year ago on Mojuba. His considered release schedule reflects the slow build of his tracks. But while the space dub version of "Never" is no exception, it forsakes patience for a more restless, sliding ride that is totally mesmerising. 

A teeming jungle of spiralling percussion, an echoed vocal refrain and slick dub chords all fight their way into the mix, eventually locking into a propulsive and entrancing groove that rides the whole first side. The cheeky radio edit on the second side jumps straight in, but at under four minutes it misses the sense of journey and is more useful as a sonic postcard. "Back to Love," meanwhile, is more conventional, but no less hypnotic. A hazy half-remembered disco sheen and washed-out vocal calls shimmer over a heavy bass kick, resulting in a more dreamy late night track." - Chris Mann, RA.


buy it here.
[Phonomonkey, 7.77 €]

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