wtorek, kwietnia 13, 2010

Roof Light - Street Level [2010, vinyl, l2s recordings]

12 april 2010
lbl: L2s Recordings
#: L2S022
corundum [9.0]

1. Street Level
2. How Far Are You From Anywhere?

note: "Following from his gorgeous 12" for Styrax last year, Roof Light dazzles again with a deadly plate for L2S. As the title suggests, 'Street Level' takes us down from the lofty highs of that 12" and onto the floor, edging his sound with a tighter sense of funk and flex directly influenced by garage masters Todd Edwards, MJ Cole or Dem 2. On the title track, clipped diva vox skip between irresistibly sync'ed 2-step patterns while elegant Detroit pads cleanse the soul. Meanwhile with 'How Far Are You From Anywhere' he dips his jazz stick in with blue horns and twinkling percussion smudged with an authentic late night sensuality that's melting us right now. With MJ Cole singing his praises and a forthcoming album for Highpoint Lowlife, expect to hear a lot more from this guy in the near future..."

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