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VA - Field 03 [2010, vinyl, field records]

9 april 2010
lbl: Field Records
#: Field03
dub techno, [detroit] electro
silicon [7.0]

A1. Mohlao  -   Luminescent
B1. Conforce  - Another Walk Around
B2. Conforce  - Digital Affair

Mohlao: Samuel van Dijk
Conforce: Boris Bunnik

note: "The new highly limited release on Field Records, Field 03, features two artists from the North, namely Mohlao (Meanwhile, Piece Communications) and dutch Techno wonder Conforce (Field, Curle, Rush Hour). This time, Conforce delivers two deep and moody, analog tracks, while Mohlao presents 10 minutes of Dub-Techno at its best. And just like Field 1 and 2, Field 03 will be sold as highly limited 12″ vinyl release (only 100 copies pressed worlwide, available through Clone) No repress yet, so don’t sleep on this one.
But don’t worry, cause due to the large demand all Field releases will also be available in digital format as well really soon through all major download portals, including Beatport, DJDownload, Juno and many more."


buy it here. 
[Clone, upcoming]

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