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LV Feat. Dandelion - CCTV / Dream Cargo [2008, vinyl, hyperdub]

july 2008
lbl: Hyperdub
#: HDB011
dub, dubstep
vbr ~200kbps

A. LV Feat. Dandelion CCTV
B. LV Dream Cargo

note: "At home I haven't stopped hammering that LV ft. Eroll Bellot/ Dandelion12" on Hyperdub so it gives me an enormous boner that the follow up 12" has finally arrived. This time featuring vox from just Dandelion (I reckon his missus wets the bed when she sniffs him). 'CCTV' is a paranoid social comment on our vastly becoming big brother totalitarian state. The production on here is second to none. Absolutely flawless. A dark, stoned modern dub masterpiece. Some ace subtle yet cosmic effects, simple bassline and occasional acidic squelch. Flipside 'Dream Cargo' is a lot heavier instrumental cut. It goes even darker into the abyss of late night future dub with a repetitive rim shot and bleak synths, big ass kick drum and again just enough stoned sounding delay and reverb. I haven't a clue who LV ft. Dandelion are but this is another absolute smasher!!!" - normanrec.

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