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Sleeparchive - Hadron [2008, vinyl, sleeparchive]

2 june 2008
lbl: Sleeparchive
#: ZZZ 08
techno, minimal, noise
vbr ~256kbps

A1. Meson

A2. Baryon


+ sleep cycles

note: "he always saves his most deadly and hypnotic efforts for his self titled imprint, here bringing 3 tracks of the purest uncut techno minimalism you're likely to hear all year, with the added bonus of 6 cochlea scouring loops of the harshest white noise and a double bonus bumper ball of nihilistic experimentation tacked on the end for those up to the task. The man continues to melt our heads with every new transmission and this one has pretty much finished us off, he'd better leave it a bit before he releases any new stuff for the sake of our health and yours."

dissociative disorder

if you like it, support the artist and buy this music here.

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