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The Martian - LBH - 6251876 [1999, cd, red planet]

15 april 1999
lbl: Red Planet
#: RP10
detroit techno
vbr ~256kbps

1. Comet LBH - 6251876
2. Lost Transmission From Earth
3. Sex In Zero Gravity
4. Stardancer
5. Journey To The Martian Polar Cap
6. Ultraviolet Images
7. Skypainter
8. Windwalker
9. The Voice Of Grandmother
10. Search Your Feelings
11. Firekeeper
12. Soulshine

note: "What a spectacular release by the Underground Resistance guys. Lush, deep and soulful detroit techno music at its best. No detroit techno collection is complete without this fantastic album, every single track here is unique in sound, and not a single track on this compilation should be overlooked." - Magnetonium, discogs.

pure detroit devastator :)

masakra na andromedzie
[fixed, september 20 / 2012]

if you like it, buy this music here.

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