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Pigon / Marcel Dettmann - Kamm / Plain [2008, vinyl, beatstreet]

september 2008
lbl: Beatstreet
#: BS03

A. Pigon Kamm
B. Marcel Dettmann Plain

note: "The “Kamm/Plain” EP is techno stripped to its barest core. Pigon’s opener is slow and incisive: a soft bass drum drives us through a surreal electronic landscape while metallic buzzes, bleeps and cracks float in and out of the listener’s aural space. It builds expertly and feels like being slowly sucked into a swarm of insects; by the end of the song, the tension has reached an unbearable breaking point — that is, until “Plain.” I don’t know what’s better: Dettmann’s track itself or the simple fact that it comes up next, shattering the tension created by “Kamm” like a hammer on ice. It’s as sparse as any of his songs — he uses only a bass drum, a hi-hat and a distant, two-note melody — but each element’s mechanical, self-contained pulse proves to be the most powerful kind of minimalism. It’s not “tribal,” it’s not trendy and it sure as hell isn’t any worse for it. It’s music whose whole fully outweighs the sum of its parts, music so quietly penetrating it becomes brutal. Both “Kamm” and “Plain” are pure club dynamite; and whether they’re used for making tension or breaking it, they’ll be sure to send shivers down any crowd’s spine." - Jeremy Cohen for Little White Earbuds.

quest for purism

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