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forthcoming: V/A - Back and 4th [2011, hotflush recordings]

2 x cd, compilation
release date: 4 april 2011
dubstep, uk-garage

Disc One:
01 Sepalcure: "Taking You Back"
02 Boxcutter: "LOADtime"
03 Boddika: "Warehouse"
04 dBridge: "Knew You Were The 1"
05 Scuba: "Feel It"
06 FaltyDL: "Regret"
07 Sigha: "Fold"
08 George FitzGerald: "We Bilateral"
09 Incyde: "Axis"
10 Roska: "Measureless"

Disc Two:
01 Mount Kimbie: "Sketch on Glass"
02 Scuba: "Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)"
03 Joy Orbison: "Hyph Mngo"
04 Mount Kimbie: "Maybes (James Blake Remix)"
05 Sigha: "Expansions"
06 Untold: "Just for You (Roska Remix)"
07 Scuba: "Tense"
08 Untold: "Sweat"
09 Pangaea: "Bear Witness"
10 TRG & Dub U: "Losing Marbles (2562 Remix)"

Few labels have shaped recent UK bass music as much as Hotflush. Soon after its conception nearly eight years ago, it became a trendsetting source of dubstep. More recently, following a move from Bristol to Berlin, it's been blurring the genre lines within UK bass (dubstep, funky, drum & bass, etc.) while also weaving in elements of house and techno. Back and 4th collects nine of the label's biggest tracks from the past few years, such as Mount Kimbie's "Sketches on Glass" and Joy Orbison's "Hyph Mango," the latter of which was RA's #1 tune of 2009. It also presents ten exclusive new ones from artists like Roska, Boxcutter and newcomers Sepalcure. The collection is unmixed, and will be available on triple vinyl as well as CD. 

(freshhh) teasers:
BACK AND 4TH - Disc 1 by Hotflush

BACK AND 4TH - Disc 2 by Hotflush

Biting mixes:
Electronic Battle Weapons (via Kostek)
MixesDB (via phammik)

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