piątek, marca 04, 2011

raw & fresh new killers: D'Marc Cantu (Delsin) & Kassem Mosse (Workshop)

dwie bardzo oszczędne brzmieniowo, śmiało eksperymentujące epki:

D'Marc Cantu - Set Free / Tonight
10" ltd
february 2011
lbl: M>O>S Recordings (Delsin)
#: mos_deep_005
deep house, experimental

a. D'Marc Cantu - Set Free
aa. D'Marc Cantu - Tonight

After the 2AM/FM release, next up in the 10'' series on MOS_deep is a solo-project of D'Marc Cantu. D' Marc delivers two surprisingly melodic, sexy and hypnotizing housetracks. "Set Free" opens with a hard-hitting flanged bass-sound and a devastating kick and slowly evolves into a dreamy and atmospheric track full of mystery. "Tonight" is a hypnotic and haunting latenight-dancefloor track, combining long stretched melodic stabs, an ultra-deep bassline and D' Marc's whispering vocals taking you down deep in the uncanny and eery underworld of his soul.


Kassem Mosse - Workshop 12
february 2011
lbl: Workshop
deep house, experimental

A. Untitled
B1. Untitled
B2. Untitled

Here Mosse (real name Gunnar Wendel) returns to the excellent Berlin based Workshop imprint, with “Track 1″ hogging the A Side, characterised by a tense mechanical rhythym and a looped up female vocal which remains central to the track as Mosse adds deft analogue tweaks which create a cavernous sonic landscape. The real heat, however, is on the flip; first Mosse takes things unfeasibly deep on “Track 2″ with chords that on first inspection appear to emanate from beneath the speakers, before the EP’s true gem, the all too short “Track 3″, brings the EP to a bruising finale with scorched kick drums juxtaposed against a gently undulating synth progression.
Aaron Coultate

preview is here.

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