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from the deeps: Basic Soul Unit, Lowtec, MCDE, Prostitune.

Basic Soul Unit - Crème Organization / Mule [gtc131] 
deep house

note: absolutnie miażdżący set mistrza surowego, jazzującego house'u, co za groove.

Lowtec - Wonderkidd / Loser
12", ep
14 january 2011
lbl: Nonplus Records
#: NONPLUS 101
house, experimental, abstract

note: ostatnia jego epka od zawietrznej nudą zawiewała, głównym mankamentem był brak pomysłu na rozwinięcie aranżacji, ostatni workshop z jego udziałem okazał się całkiem niezły. atmosfera miasta pokrytego grubą warstwą smogu spowiła także i tę epkę. szalejąca ferajna świetnych sampli, które do porządku doprowadza przytemperowany, głęboki beat. drugi kawałek bity pod małpie bity maurizio.

The ball is certainly rolling for Nonplus in 2011, and following the blink-and-you-missed-it Actress 12" is a treat from Germany's Lowtec. Founder of highly respected label Workshop he makes his UK label debut on Nonplus with two fresh cuts of analogue goodness. "Wonderkidd" greets us with a vocal sample that morphs keys with a low-fi piano chord before the discordant groove of the main riff comes into effect. Analogue synths dance around the deep chord groove with early detroitisms flexing between a repeating bleeped out pattern. Hypnotic key stabs sink you deeper into the tune that shows us why Lowtec is one of Berlin’s top underground button pushers. The warm hiss of anaolgue beats starts off the excellent AA tune "Looser". Dabs of AM radio vocals progress the tune amongst a myriad of discreet electronic bleeps that escalate and scatter around the rhythm. Coarsely sampled ‘Shakir-like’ string chords provide the main sequence to set off this excellent tune. One for the deeper heads out there.

full preview:

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boomkat (£7.49)
rubadub (£7.50)
picadilly records (£7.49)
dnb dub records ($11.99)

Prostitune - Justfixit EP
12", ep
8 february 2011
lbl: Just Another Beat
#: JAB 04
deep house

note: kombinujący house o przesłodkich, bogatych aranżach doprowadzających do skrajnego odurzenia. w brzmieniu dominują soczyste, modulowane partie klawiszowe + mnóstwo nawtykanych przeszkadzajek.

Just another pair of deep and dope house grooves from Prostitune for Just Another Beat. He’s evidently down for a boogie this time, pushing the tempo up slightly for the swing-jacking, swirling and seductive Chicago-meets-Detroit drive of ‘Justfixit’, while ‘Nj Turnpike’ offers some beatdown contrast for the deeper corners of the night.


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hardwax (8 euro)
punchdrunkmusic (£7.99)

V/A - MCDE 1206-07
2 x 12"
january 2011
lbl: MCDE
#: MCDE 1206-07
deep house

Motorcity Drum Ensemble, HUNDRED20, Creative Swing Alliance, John Roberts

note: wart obadania zbiór klasycznych, surowych deep house'ów dla hulaszczy. potężny ociosanek dla fanów gatunku!

MCDE is back with a double 12" set, featuring 6 vinyl exclusive tracks. A compilation of tracks previously released on CD, new collaborations and a fresh remix! Tip! 
Side A features MCDE's CD only cut "Monorail". B. MCDE & Felix 'BNCKD' (Praterei/Waxolutionists-Vienna) team up to deliver 2 tracks from HUNDRED20 their outift of fully analogue Chicago crumbled house. Side CD offers another cut from MCDE's Raw Cuts CD, "There's a Truth" feat. the voice of Stee Downes + a beautiful remix of "Monorail" in the pure tradition of Detroit House by young gentleman John Roberts, who was recently noted for his full lenght "Glass Eights". On side D you'll find the joint entitled "Now" already causing dancefloor damage by the French duo Creative Swing Alliance which consist of Pablo Valentino & Steven-J, responsible earlier this year for the "One Week in Strasbourg EP".


buy it:
waxbox (59 pln)
lost in vinyl (15 euro)

You can listen to my selection on microwave radio.

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