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Andy Vaz - Shadow City [2010, vinyl, yore records]

18 january 2010
lbl: Yore Records
#: yore-021
deep house, house
hubscale: topaz [8.0]

I1. The "Y" Theme

II1. Shadow City (Dharavi Mix)

II2. Mumbai Dweller

note: "The Yore Captain returns to his own Yore Imprint on the Labels 21st Release. “Shadow City” presents different visions of funky house grooves. The A side’s “The “Y” Theme” gets deeply moving with a funky house pulse before stoking the fire with the addition of speaking voices, a move which single-handedly jumpstarts the track. After the voices appear, the groove’s intensity escalates and plunges deeper, its gyroscopic house swing becoming more dizzying and torrential with each passing bar before coming to an acidy storming end. In its opening moments, “Shadow City” opts for a deeper and more serenading vibe by comparison, but that’s traded in for a slinkier attack at the three-minute mark that grows progressively more ferocious as the track makes its drastic upwards ascent. The B side’s B2 track, “Mumbai Dweller” keeps the focus primarily on the bottom end, specifically a strutting tribal-house funk groove that’s dragged even deeper by a throbbing bass undertow, adding Dark Chords to it, giving this EP a Darker Feeling towards the end." - distributor.

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