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A Made Up Sound - Sun Touch [2010, vinyl, a made up sound]

25 january 2010
lbl: A Made Up Sound
#: AMS002
hubscale: tourmaline [7.3]

A1. Sun Touch

B1. Drain

B2. Untitled (Shortcut)

producer - Dave Huismans

note: "The two entirely new tracks, "Sun Touch" and "Drain," are melodically sparse: The former employs some subtle synth tones throughout with an acid line developing about halfway through, while the latter is drenched in ominous drones. Without Huismans's exceptional beat-programming prowess, this kind of minimalism could be a problem, but he's proven himself to be a master at making the most broken structures compelling. The punchy off-kilter sensibility that marks both "Sun Touch" and "Drain" is a different beast entirely from the current vogue of vaguely tropical funky-not-funky, dubstep-not-dubstep; well-swung, yes, but also serendipitous, the sound of capitalizing on accidents. Sometimes I think about recording my radiator when it makes this funky clicking noise (which is also responsible for bothering anyone who sleeps in my living room), and I wonder if Huismans is inspired by naturally-occurring mechanical rhythms like it; bizarre and even grating at first, but eventually loose and hypnotic." - Stephen Kerr.

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