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Homewreckers - Not My Business [2010, vinyl, circus company]

15 january 2010
lbl: Circus Company
#: CCS042
house, deep house
hubscale: corundum [9.0]

Not My Business

Chicago Urban Blues

Not My Business (Dave Aju Remix)

Homewreckers - Johannes Ehmann, Gregor Pottmeier & Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg

note: "The Not My Business EP perfectly shows how the Homewreckers flow on these two original tracks. You feel the funk, you feel Detroit and you feel a deep and unique sense of music. Cherry on the cake, you got a remix from San Francisco based artist Dave Aju who is back on the label after his much acclaimed album Open Wide released in 2008. Not My Business isn’t their first shoot on the label as they were already part of last months Snuggle & Slap Circus Company compilation with a brilliant ” Live-Version ” of Chicago Urban Blues."

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