czwartek, lutego 11, 2010

Manuel Tur - Agrafena [2010, vinyl, mild pitch]

10 february 2010
lbl: Mind Pitch
#: MILD004
minimal, tech-house, deep house
hubscale: topaz [8.0]

1. Preelude: The Priceless Massage
2. Agrafena
3. Dream & Delirium
4. Agrafena Beats

note: "Mild Pitch return with their first release in the new decade and serve you Manuel Tur’s solo debut on the young Essen-based label. Opening the EP with the sizzling beatless prelude that is “The Priceless Message”, the title track “Agrafena” carries on with heavy rough drums and countless layers of shifting vibes and strings that grow to a swirl of epic dimension. The dramatic build-up and fuzzy textures create that trademark dense atmosphere Manuel’s work is best known for. The flip side offers a more experimental take, fusing the stomping and jazzy drums of “Agrafena” with the deconstructed sound fragments of the prelude, that make “Dream & Delirium” a truly phantasmagoric yet mysteriously dark but hot-blooded affair."

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