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Loscil - Endless Falls [2010, cd, kranky]

22 february 2010
lbl: Kranky
#: KRANK141
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Endless Falls
2. Estuarine
3. Shallow Water Blackout
4. Dub For Cascadia
5. Fern And Robin
6. Lake Orchard
7. Showers Of Ink
8. The Making Of Grief Point

producer: Scott Morgan


"In 2007 the American journalist Alan Weisman published ‘The World Without Us,’ a speculative account of what would become of the human environment and the Earth should humanity suddenly pop out for cigarettes one day and never come back. Within its pages Weisman forecasted the disintegration of cities, the bursting of sewers, the rampant proliferation of vegetative life, and in the face of common wisdom, the demise of the rat and the cockroach (surely more than enough reason to sign up to the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement). But as sobering and as vivid a read as the book is, its dispassionate journalistic account does little to provide an especially visceral sense of how an egoless world might be experienced.
Step forward Loscil, aka Vancouver resident Scott Morgan, with his fifth album ‘Endless Falls,’ which doesn’t so much evoke the absence of humanity as the absence of life altogether. Like his previous four LPs its eight tracks deal in a strand of electro-acoustic ambient so primordial, so imperceptibly gradual in its pacing that you’d be pardoned for the belief that it had somehow grown in parallel with the universe itself rather than as a product of human blood, sweat and tears. And even though this would seem to suggest a sparseness that threatens to render the album void of effect and interest, those who listen closely to their music will quickly find that this isn’t the case. [...]" - experimusic.com.

21 07 2012

buy it here. [ £19.99 ]

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  1. Been following for awhile now. And I would just like to say I am impressed with your ability to find stuff I've never heard of...I make this comment today, because I have heard of loscil...keep up the good work.


    dub, afro-ambient noise, drone...

  2. please just buy this ace CD and not just download for free as we need more music from Loscil in the future.


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