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Tevo Howard - Move [2009, vinyl, hour house is your rush records]

november 2009

lbl: Hour House Is Your Rush Records
#: HHYR5


acid house


hubscale: corundum [9.0]

Move (Original Mix)

Move (Acid Mix)

note: "[...] It's reminiscent of Phuture at their most brain-meltingly insane, and provides a reminder that while many producers are influenced by the 303, very few can recreate that sound with the same kind of rawness or intensity as its inventors. That it is delivered with an unparalleled fluency or that it is then seamlessly joined up with those displaced chords only serves to demonstrate yet again what an intuitively talented producer Howard is." -
Richard Brophy.

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  1. Great! and I love your link description: Low-pH-Omar

    I lold. thanks for these fantastic uploads, you guys activate my vinyl jones


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